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Hi all, been really pondering on a Colossus lately, but had some questions first before I go out and spend $1,000 on one. Are they really all that great? I mean it would be awesome to own one, although I probably coudn't move it! Where would one be able to purchase one? I also like the glass accessory table, but wouldn't it crack from the heat of the lava lamp? And also, do you all think they will make them again? Everywhere I look they are all out of stock, except for the 3 on ebay. I would really like to have one, but don't know if I should wait until something better comes out? I don't want to purchase one and have the glass globe crack :( One of these days I'll probably own one, but I wanted everyone elses comments. It's kind of like the Imperial of our time.


Thanks for any input.

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Shoot, if they are non-working, I'd take one off their hands and fix it myself.
If you could get a malfunctioning one cheap enough, it would be worth the trouble.

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