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After looking at my faded blue/blue "magic" wax, as well as some goo kit projects that have the wax appearing two different colors, I came to the conclusion that the wax in these lamps appears one color when light is reflecting off of it, and another when light is passing through it. More interestingly is that the two colors seem to be nearly opposite of one another. The blue wax looks magenta when light passes through it, and I've seen a goo kit picture that looks purple/pinkish and teal. One of the dyes in the wax must be acting as a dichroic filter. I just thought this was interesting, and I thought someone might be interested in making a multicolor wax lamp. What do you guys think?

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I have one that isnt a good kit that is Pink down low and teal green when it moves up away from the light . Yes it is the light that causes the color change . And its not all colors that do this .

Yeah I've mentioned this many times about gookit wax. The wax is more transparent oppose to LL or Mathmos therefore the color show different hues. I've even sold some globe refills listed as magic wax lol its okay I guess but not when you jsut want a solid color.

Yes when i have made my own goo it is much more transparent than the china made . I have never done a goo kit ( I have a lot of luck making my own so have not found a need for it )

That pink to teal is absolutely awesome!

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