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I've been holding onto some spare pink Mathmos baby glitter fluid for years waiting for the right lamp to come along.

The original fluid in this Vallauris lamp was cooked, so quite pleased with how it's turned out.

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thats nice, crestworth did a ceramic base in the 70s only seen pic below

Thanks Johnny.

I had no idea Crestworth made a ceramic lamp, and they used their standard bottle by the looks of things.

Wow, I've never seen a lamp like this one, very pretty.

Vallarius lamps were of French origin I believe and not a Crestworth/Mathmos product.  

The lamp looks great!

I've picked up a few over the years via French ebay.

The lava they used was an odd consistency, and I've not found one that works properly yet, so refill with mathmos.

I do have an original glitter fill which is lovely though.

Some more info here: http://www.imovatedesign.co.uk/ceramics/ 

June C Flesner-Becker said:

Wow, I've never seen a lamp like this one, very pretty.

Perfect match, makes the lamp look quite oriental.

curious mark is the bottle the same as jet/ crestworth type or different

No, it's much larger, about 3.5 inches wide.

Here's the glitter version (Kirk's glitter flakes, but original fluid):

the cool, not seen the ball shaped bottle model in years :-)

Totally agree with Johnny, they are so cool, and that glitter is splendid

I've only ever seen (and admired) the bell one fourth-hand via the Museum listings, I like it even more from your pic

I'd love to collect these, they had some superb designs, didn't they? - but no room!

btw, that's a Heat Tapes lamp on the left, isn't it?

The ball shaped one was a must have lamp after seeing it in the museum listing, and took several years to find.

Immaculate condition, with original fluid and flakes. It just needed a top up, as I wanted the whole ball to be full.

It's crazy fragile though as you can imagine, and I'm amazed it's lasted in our busy household (4 kids of our own + 1 other, and 4 cats!).

Yes that is a heat tapes lamp on the left....a gold 'Stardust Lite'. It's a really pretty lamp, with a unique/very delicate looking glitter flake.

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