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   What would you value a real white/clear princess at? Also, Could someone that has a real one tell me what the base labels looked like? Where they the same white label with red lettering as all the other lamps? I think i may have spotted one but all that i can see is the base label and it looks more like the Chinese black silver label, except it starts with French.



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Hard to say. I'm leaning towards a recap or custom fill. You are infinitely more likely to find a faded blue/white than a real clear/white and even if it is a real clear/white I don't feel like paying $200 for one because you can easily do a fluid swap to make an exact replica. If I was to buy a real clear/white it would be for the novelty of the bottle cap anyways so this one has no way to prove it's authenticity. This may even be a fluid swap based in the flow because it does not look like a goo kit.

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