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Greetings All


Well, it's been quite a ride trying to start a lamp company up, and after many dollars and many headaches I'm throwing in the towel. Too many restrictions, labor costs, etc etc.


Anyway, I'm pretty much getting rid of the lamps I have with a few exceptions I want to keep.


Amongst them are several oddities like the Xeno Xemu Alien in a bottle lamp (2 or 3 of them), The Camel Cigarettes Die-Cut Lava, a 70's vintage (I think) Red, some bases, some globes with unusual colors like Yellow, Green, etc.


I am in the Chicago metro area, and would prefer to sell to someone from here who can pick them up rather than ship. I'll attach a picture or 3 sometime later today so you can get an idea of what there is.


I will answer any questions you may have regarding any specific item.


Prices, well, you folks what they're worth, so be fair, and I'll be happy to part with it, or them, or all.


What doesn't go here will eventually end up on eBay, but I wanted to give the folks here first crack.


Thanks and have a great day,

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Sent you PM a few weeks ago....

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