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Hey All,

I am in need of two ultra clear mint 32oz bottles. Coils would be nice but if you don't have them, that is fine. No caps are needed. Would prefer U.S. made bottles if possible as they are more clear and conduct heat better than newer bottles.

Please let me know what you have and how much you are looking for with shipping via USPS to zipcode 11714.



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I have two. They currently have contents in them, but they can be dumped. They both have flow issues. At least one is US... I'll have to check and see if the other one is.

Okay, please let me know, you can dump contents. I don't need lava, wouldn't mind the coil(s) though.

I will keep an eye out for an update.

If one is US and other is not, that is fine as long as the bottle is very clear.

Thanks and let me know.


I will check tonight and get back to you!

Okay, you can PM me or just update this thread


1 USA , 1 China 

okay not a problem is the china one nice and clear? will both bottle come with coils?

zipcode 11575

send me what you are looking for with shipping


I will get you a price and check the bottles for clarity tonight. I'll keep you posted.

would you also have a black base and cap for one of those bottles? pref us made

sent you PM for some minor additional parts


Erin, still interested in selling. I sent you a PM.

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