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Hi folks,

I picked up a nice, almost crystal-clear 1998 Lava Lite at the thrift store.  The downside is that it's missing its top.

Is there anyone who has one from a dead lamp that can help?

I've attached a few images of the lamp. I don't know how many ounces this is, but I'm sure someone else here can. The lamp is about 16 inches tall up to the bottle cap, and the base is 5.5" in diameter.

The base is the kind with pinholes for light to shine out.

The cap says: 25A 980728 73OCCLV

I actually have a silver cap, from another lamp, that fits this, and that cap has a smaller diameter of 2" and a larger diameter of 3". It's the kind of cap that's a "cone with the tip cut off", i.e.with a flat circular top. Not sure if this the standard shape for this lamp or not. Someone, please clue me in.


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Thanks for the tip!  I actually have a new cap now though.

OK, glad to hear it. :)

will you please post some photos of the blue/white globe?  i am interested.  thanks!

tdd37 said:

I have found someone on my local Craigslist selling a Century lamp.  I will of course want the top for myself, which will leave the globe and the base that I don't want.

The global is mid-90s, has blue fluid and white lava, and the base looks the same as the one in my pictures.

Is there anyone who would be interested in buying those other two parts?

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