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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give you a little warning. It appears that target.com is sending out the wrong colored grandes (at least to me). I am not overly complaining because i ordered the cheaper blue/green grande and they sent me the purple/yellow grande instead. The only reasons I am disappointed are because it's a gift and I wanted the color I ordered.

I called up target and told them the situation and they seemed shocked that I didn't want to waste their money returning it for the cheaper one as it would definitely cost them more in shipping than for me just keeping the one I have. 

I'm sure if I was a jerk i could have gotten the lamp and a refund, but there's no point. I understand it's the holiday season and it's super busy so probably the picker at the facility just saw grande lava lamp and picked the first one they saw.

I am waiting to get one more grande for myself for Christmas to bring me up to 4 total for my own collection, so i will let you know if this is a one time thing or if this keeps happening.

If there so happens to be a target representative that finds this post, please contact me.

So tl;dr, Target.com sent me the wrong colored lamp. I'll try another order again in a few days. If they still send the wrong one, I'm going to have to take down my post telling people to buy from Target.com and direct them to lava lite.

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Probably won't happen again, this happens sometimes, it was just once, hopefully not again.

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