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Is there any way to get rid of wax residue near the bottom of a globe? It was cold when I moved it but the wax still moved slightly and marked up the glass. I don't really want to open it since I might ruin it further.

I heard a while back about wrapping a piece of foil around the globe to get the residue to melt. Is this safe to do?

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Have you run this lamp yet? I would say run it first, before you do anything else. It might clear up on its own.

I have been running it for 7-8 hours every night since last Friday and with no improvement. Does it take a while?

No, if it was going to clear it, it should have done it on the first run. :( I get those marks on the glass from the wax plug sometimes, from when the lamp was shipped to me, and usually that clears them up. In lieu of that, someone else should probably advise you, as my advice would involve opening the globe. Maybe someone here has a better idea...

This is what I've done with stuck wax on globe. While the lamp is hot, I tip the lamp to almost a 45 degree angle so that the wax that is getting ready to rise will run up the globe, ultimately taking the stuck wax with it. I used oven mitts while tipping the lamp, due to lamp being hot. Also, tip lamp to the opposite side of where wax is stuck on globe. You'll see what I mean when you tip the lamp. Hope this helps.

idk about foil but ive wrapped a lamp with a towel to get stuck wax to melt and it worked.

I tried the towel trick but I ended up with more on the glass. The smear marks are still there but now there are also a few small wax balls stuck to the sides as well. What the heck!?

Warning. I tried foil wrapping to solve the sticking wax problem on 2 old lamps I had. Worked okay on one but the other... the top blew off and caused a mess on walls and ceiling.( red wax white ceiling and walls). Luckily no one was close by when it occurred. Crazy clean up and now I need to paint. Grrrr. I recommend using this method with extreme caution!! The globes had never been tampered with prior to applying the foil in case someone suspects improper seal.

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