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Hi everyone,

After six long years of searching and waiting, I FINALLY scored the Holy Grail of lava lamps - a purple liquid/red wax Colossus in perfect shape from a collector in the Twin Cities, complete with the glass table ring and functioning dimmer. It looks soooo beautiful all set up in my bedroom and when it is turned on, the lava flow is truly hypnotizing!

That said, I would love it if anyone out there knows if Colossus (or their earlier Humungo siblings) lamps were ever advertised by Lava Lite? Considering that people bought them when they were new (even though they were purchased in small quantities), I would think that Lava Lite must have issued some sort of advertisement about them instead of relying solely on word-of-mouth to their customers. If you happen to have any ads about this lamp, I would LOVE to see them and perhaps print one out and frame it on the wall next to the lamp.

Thanks so much, here is a photo of me with the gentle giant!

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I own the HUMUNGO which in my opinion is the TIFFANY of all the lava lamps.  I've never seen any ad for the HUMUNGO lamp.  I've seen ads for the colossus.  I was told by one employee at LavaLite years ago that the HUMONGO was originally only intended for commercial use which is probably why they are so fricken rare.  Production of the HUMONGO was also way more limited than the 1,000,000 or so colossus's produced.  

What are the differences other then limited stock weren’t only 35 made? On the 35th anniversary I saw that somewhere that’s pretty awesome you have one? 

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