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Hello to all!

I have a question, maybe some of you can help me :-) . I can get a Crestworth Cosmos, but don't no what would be a fair price. Its a 3 part base version, glitterlite in good to very good condition, but without a box. By the way its here in Germany where these lamps are hard to find.

Thanks a lot,


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I would suggest checking ebay for comparisons.  I don't know how often they are available so consider that also.

Got mine for $150, but lava was in two pieces when I got it. But running great now.  Have seen them go on Ebay from between 300 to 500 bucks.  Good luck with your hunt!

Thanks for your replies, i got it yesterday for a civil price, i think. I will post some pics, but shipping takes a few days - can't await it  !

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