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....or my wallet that is.

I just bought two blue and green "Hot Rocks" or as they are called on the actual package "Hot Rockets" at Walmart. They had quite a bit of them but only the blue green ones. I really wanted one of those purple ones but maybe some other time I'll find them. They should be interesting when they get fired up as the wax line is well above the base. There should be a really feirce glow at the bottom because of this.

Now I have those two

the creative motion liquid metal, blue, green, and red,

the ~1999 creative motion green/green,

and that 20oz blue/white Lava World thing that took ~5 days to turn from translucent to white non moving to full motion. Paitence is the key with those lava world 20oz. If it wasn't for this board I would have brought that one back so I thank you all! It works well and looks georgous! I have it in a dimmer now so I can control the shape and speed of the wax.

I don't have room for them all but they should be fun to display when I have the house to myself on the weekends. The nice thing about these lights vs. par cans, pinspots, and other projectors is that they set up really easy and pack up nicely. No truss, lighting trees, or dimmer packs needed for lava lamps! :) I've always enjoyed turning my personal space into a timeless la-la land for watching movies, music, or gaming.

I'm so kicking myself for not keeping the early 90s blue/green Lava Lite lamp w/ black base though... I had no idea they could be repaired by filtering and recaping... Ignorance is truly bliss.

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Whoops, your absolutly correct about the blue and green I ment blue and yellow. My 1999 creative motion is the same.

Well as for these hot rocks being clear, maybe you just got lucky? Mine have this glass-like debris that floats aorund and sparkles. Both do this. Its annoying but it doesn't completely kill the enjoyment of the lamp. I was hoping that the wax would gobble it up once it cooled down but I just checked and it seems the glass-like debris touches down after the wax has cooled.
Mine looks exactly like yours except that its blue liquid with yellow wax. I would have rather found the color that you did. If I find the red liquid with yellow wax I'll buy two of them. I do like the "table" you made on that one you show there. Thats really clever and it looks good with your forbidden planet theme. what kind of glue did you use or did you just make it so that it holds in place with friction?

One of my Hot Rockets actually has some slight light leakage in the base. The space between the bottom base and the area where it starts to go up to the bottle.

Thats really good news about the glass-like stuff going away with time. Thanks for that info.

I'll take some digital photos of my collection thus far this weekend for you and everyone else.
I can't seem to find these Hot Rocks anywhere!
I made yet another unsuccessful trip today (to a Walmart who told me they had them). They only had the LW ones.
Is there a website which sells these lamps?
Target or Costco maybe?
Thanks much Bohdan, I'll keep checking.
Cool pictures with the space background by the way.
Thats a fine lamp you have there! My green ones still has the glass-like things floating around. I hope your right about them going away with time. I did take photos of them but they're still in the camera.

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