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Hi all,

i wanted to know when you are adding the Color to the goo kit goo ?
And how do you melt the goo ? With the microwave ?

And does anybody know how much of the red dye i need for one quart of goo (one Grande) ?

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You add the color to the goo when its melted in the container. I added all my colors together with just a touch of yellow all my green all my blue and a smidgen of yellow.
Ohh do not use microwave just get a big pan and boil water and put the container of goo in that.
Tried that, but this takes sooo long and the bottle begin to melt on the bottom...
do you put the plastic container the wax comes in directly into the boiling water?

Spence541 said:
Marcel, I boil water in a pot. Once the water is boiling I turn the stove down just a touch and then drop the container of wax in. It takes about 15 minutes for the wax to melt. From there I add the color

has anyone tried the aqua  dye or the fluorescent blue ? How do they work?

Aqua dye is lovely! The florescent dyes don't add much color to lava in normal light but if you run them under a black light you get color galore. What I like to do is dye my lava a normal color, say red, for normal lighting, but also add in some florescent dye so you can get two different colors from the same lava depending on your type of light! If you use the florescent dye in clear goo from a gookit it can create a reflective-rainbow like effect. This is especially true with the Century 52 oz lamps where you can use the 50W Halogen flood lights which have a fuller spectrum of light that will increase the rainbow effect. If you try this I recommend the use of a dimmer switch to avoid overheating.

Sidenote: I heat my lava from gookits in the original white bottle and use the microwave with absolutely no problems. Just remember to take off the lid! A full quart goo bottle of lava will melt fully in about 2 minutes in a microwave.

Nancy said:

has anyone tried the aqua  dye or the fluorescent blue ? How do they work?


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