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Anyone know if they still sell the purple dye? It's not for sale on ebay anymore. 

I actually have the purple and violet dyes from two years ago and just got around to making them both but unfortunately they look exactly the same (like violet). I really was looking for light purple or just purple.

Anyone have a picture of their purple goo kit? 

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Thanks Critter, I ended up using the violet too (the purple and violet were the exact same thing so I just used the violet).

what makes the color of the liquid, and how do u color the goo, I would like to make a purple lava with a  lavender liquid? any idea's are welcome.  thanks! chewy

You can color the liquid with McCormick food grade coloring but I use what is used for an air brush gun for cakes and stuff.  I bought it at Michaels.  As long as it is food grade.  Never use an oil based dye to color your fluid because it will get into your lava.  You can get the purple McCormick food dye or go to a place that has cake decorating supplies and they should have purple food coloring in stock.

The goo is colored with an oil based dye.  I use the dye packs from Magma Tower.  You can see it here:




Or you can use candle wax dye.  As long as it is oil based so it will color the lava.



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