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Since around 2018 Lava Lite began producing dozens of new upon dozens of new lamps without any easy to track model numbering. Currently the only way I know to get model numbers is to get it off of the boxes the lamps come in These also almost always come with only a single color variation. Since there is nothing really innovative about these new models and in an effort to at least account for their existence they will be listed here without trying to go into detail about each lamp.



Lava Lite has created 4 limited edition 50th Anniversary lamps: 14.5” ($19.99), 17” ($29.99), 16.3” ($39.99), and 27” Grande ($119.99). The lamps have premium features included: gold painted base & cap, embossed 50th anniversary logo on the base, certificate of authenticity, and either an easy-access switch on the base or a dimmer switch, depending on the size of the lamp. The collection will be available for purchase at fine retailers across the country in addition to www.lavalite.com starting July 1st

August 9, 2016

The Glitter LAVA® lamp, with its captivating motion, will add a beautiful touch to any décor. This lamp features a gold painted base and cap with rainbow-colored glitter in clear liquid for an extreme glitter look, which starts instantly swirling around the globe when switched on.

The Rainbow LAVA® lamp spreads color and cheer! The hand-painted rainbow base and cap match perfectly to the rainbow of the multi-colored glass globe as the white wax passes through the moving lava, absorbing the different colors and changing tone. The beautiful rainbow lamp will bring color and a relaxed, happy vibe to any room.

The Travel Decal LAVA® lamp is perfect for people who love to travel. The sophisticated looking travel decals on the base and cap will make you want to grab your passport and go see the world!

Chalkboard “Draw on Me” Green LAVA® Lamp
Chalkboard “Draw on Me” Pink Glitter Lamp

Classic 14.5” LAVA® Lamps:
Blue Metallic
Spider Lamp with Sound
Mini Volcano Lamp

Tri-colored Glitter Colormax 2136 – This LAVA lamp takes glitter to a whole new level by mixing the beauty of a tri-colored globe with the sparkle of glitter. The hand-spun aluminum base and hand-painted, tri-colored glass globe make this lamp truly unique.

Pink Glittermax 2137 – This LAVA lamp takes glitter to the max. Glitter paint on this lamp’s hand-spun base and cap combined with swirling glitter inside the glass globe give it an extreme glitter look!

Gold Metallic LAVA Lamp 2151 and Blue Metallic LAVA Lamp 2154 – Reflect the motion
of the moment with these highly reflective, metallic LAVA lamps. The chrome finish on the hand-spun base and cap stand out in any setting.

Northern Lights Tri-colored ColormaxTM 2160 – The Northern Lights LAVA lamp allows you to enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World right at home! Colormax technology makes the glitter appear to change color as it flows up and down the hand-painted, tri-colored glass globe. The beautiful decal of a northern lights scene on the hand-spun base and cap of this lamp will create a relaxing mood.

Concert Tri-colored ColormaxTM 2171 – Music and LAVA lamps go together perfectly! This colorful LAVA lamp captures the excitement of your favorite concert. The upbeat and bright decal of a concert scene on the hand-spun base and cap of this lamp will create a fun environment.

Fireplace 7225 – Ever wanted a mini fireplace in your own space? This lamp combines the look of a fireplace in the iconic LAVA lamp shape! Watch the “flames” blow around as color changing LEDs in red, orange and purple simulate a real fireplace.

Sandcastle 7226 – This lamp will make you feel as though you spent a day at the beach. Watch the gold “sand” glitter swirl around a sandcastle inside an iconic LAVA lamp shape in a soft blue colored base. Color changing LEDs in blue and white create a soothing mood.

August 22nd, 2017

The 14.5” Galaxy Colormax Lava lamp allows you to explore space and all its wonders from the comfort of your home. Colormax technology takes color to the max as it makes the star glitter appear to change color as it flows up and down the hand-painted, tri-colored glass globe. The beautiful decal of a galaxy scene on the hand-spun base and cap of this lamp will create a relaxing environment in any space. The Galaxy Lava lamp retails for $19.99.

The 14.5” Graffiti Lava lamp takes the beauty of street art to whole new level. The globe uses a cool spray paint technique to look like the graffiti from everyone’s favorite cities. White wax appears to change color as it flows up and down the multi-colored globe so every viewing angle looks different & unique. The Graffiti Lava lamp retails for $19.99.

The 14.5” Hand Painted Rainbow Lava lamp bring a splash of color to any room. The base, cap and globe are all painted by hand to capture all of the bright colors of a beautiful rainbow. The white wax appears to change colors as it flows up and down the tri-colored globe, creating the mesmerizing motion of the timeless Lava
lamp. The Hand Painted Rainbow Lava lamp retails for $19.99.

The 14.5” Scratch Off Lava lamp allows you to be an artist and design your own unique looks. The lamp comes with a wooden tool to scratch off the black paint and reveal rainbow colors underneath. Individuals can doodle, write and draw to create their own completely distinctive and personalized Lava lamp. Every Scratch Off Lava lamp is truly one-of-a-kind. The Scratch Off Lava lamp retails for $24.99.

14.5” Neon Blue Lava lamp. Designed with maximum color brightness in mind, the fluorescent wax is complimented by the lamp’s sleek black base. Watch the relaxing motion as the wax melts, flows and moves slowly inside the glass globe. The Neon Blue Lava lamp retails for $16.99

November 2016

Bright Source

Combining Lava® motion with a completely new design aesthetic, the Bright Source™ collection creates an eyecatching lamp from their rich textures, pops of color and mesmerizing movement. Providing two lighting experiences in one lamp, the Lava® lamp emits a relaxing, soothing soft light, while the table lamp gives off a bright light perfect for reading, working or more! Offering the same trademarked iconic shape that people know and love while featuring new shapes and color combinations – a Bright Source™ lamp will add a stylish accent piece to any space.

Bright Source lamps retail for $54.99, with lampshades at $16.99, and can be purchased online.

August 2016

Green Chalkboard 2187 - This lamp features green liquid, white wax and chalkboard paint on the base and cap. This lamp allows for complete decorating customization. Draw pictures, write notes, erase and repeat for endless hours of fun! Comes with one piece of white chalk to get the creativity flowing!

Pink Glitter Chalkboard 2186 - This lamp features pink liquid and silver glitter with a
chalkboard paint base and cap. The instant action of the glitter lamp gets the creativity flowing faster! Comes with one piece of white chalk for you to create fun patterns, pictures or messages – then erase and start over for endless hours of entertainment! Plus, glitter adds some sparkle to the excitement.

July 2015

Black and White Dots-Mismatched polka dots on the base and cap contrast with the tri-colored pink globe for a sophisticated style.

Surfer-Fun, multi-colored globe and beach scene on the base; completed with surfer on the cap inspires you to “hang ten!”

World –The beautiful earth graphics on base and cap pair perfectly with the multi-colored globe colors, inviting you to “see the earth the way astronauts do.”

Volcano-The hot lava graphics on the base and cap match perfectly with the hot lava action inside, allows you to experience a “mini volcano.” (without the danger of molten lava)

July 2015

Frosted Star

This lamps provide soft, relaxing light and is an exceptional addition to the timeless Lava Lamp line. The 17”
Frosted Star Lamp retails for $27.99

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