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So, my grande had a over heating problem and would only last maybe 3-4 hrs. after it starts to flow well. I bought a dimmer that it plugs into the outlet and then you plug the lamp into it. Since then, I have been fiddeling around with the slider to find the best mark for it. I have finally found the spot and it is intoxicating! I could literally have it running 24-7 without over heating and it is hard to stop watching it! LOL I can sit and stare at it, watching the awesome movement of the flow and what seems to be only a few minutes is actually like an hour! My God! I have have to stop looking at it but it is like a little devil that says "it is ok, it is heaven, you can stare at me all day". Why is the grande the only China made lamp that remotely flows like the American lamps? Then on top of it you have the amazing size of it that glows like you have found the holy grail. It makes me want to just collect the grande lamps and stop collecting the smaller ones. well, not untill I can get my hands on an aladin or a saturna lamp. Anyway, something has to break this spell that this lamp has on me. anyone else have a stareing problem with the grande?

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ya, I like this grande so much that it makes me want to get the rest of them. since I will be getting one for sure through spencer's, that leaves me with just 2 more. Do you know if they fixed the dye leakage on the clear black or is that still up in the air? But ya, someday I will have to get a colossus. If they could just lower the price to half, I would soo get one! But maybe next year if I save enough I might just get one! muahahahaha
ya, I have a 52oz. clear/black and I have to have it in front of something white to see the wax flow. since my walls are white, I shouldn't have that much of a problem. What I am concerned about is if the leakage is minor, mild, or really bad. If it leaks just a bit I probably wouldn't mind that much but if it makes the liquid look grey and dirty, then no way am I getting it.

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