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    super bright 2.5 volt, 0.25 watt christmas tree lamp super bright

    Started by The Lamp Caretaker in Collecting 23 minutes ago. 0 Replies

    I'm hoping someone here may be able to assist me in locating what I come to find as the hardest bulb I've ever tried to purchase online.  My Christmas tree is in desperate need of - SUPER BRIGHT / 2.5 volt, 0.25 watt light bulbs.  I've tried well over thirty bulbs I have here in my home and all are dim when plugged in and manufacturers instructions are to purchase the 2.5 volt - 0.25 watt - super bright clear light bulbs.  I cannot seem to locate anywhere online...what am I missing here?  I…Continue

    Coming next year: The Lava Lair YouTube Channel.

    Started by Mattgyver92 in General Goo on Saturday. 0 Replies

    I'm making a YouTube channel for all my projects and build voicovers. Mostly my custom designed concrete lava lamps (all open source), but also anything else that would befit a supervillian lair. Supersized board games, mid-century designs for lighting and furniture, 3D printing / laser cutting projects, and more weird lava stuff. You'll likely also see my two cats (Siegfried & Roy) often.Current schedule is to launch before the end of next year with a few build videos. I will still be…Continue

    Looking for a source of glitter

    Started by Adrian in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Mark Golebiowski on Saturday. 4 Replies

    Hello, I am looking for a source of glitter, preferably 10*10 mm silver squares. It needs to be resistant to a calcium nitrate solution or maybe even also perchloroethylene.Holographic would also be nice, even though I think I have some 5mm tinsel curtain that actually works. My 10*10 mylar confetti seems to look worse after getting into my nitrate solution, but not eaten away yet (it's been a few weeks). It's also maybe a little too transparent.I'm based in Denmark, EU.Continue

    Tags: glitter

    A really rare sight

    Started by Modulo '70 in Collecting. Last reply by jonny p on Friday. 1 Reply

    I’ve never seen a Crestworth lamp box (Astro Mini) of any kind on tv before and may never see one again so I’m glad I took a snap of one recently seen on tv here in the U.K. The program was about an auction house set up in Yorkshire northern England. They do house clearances and auctions.Continue

    2nd Nov new lamp launch

    Started by Noz in Collecting. Last reply by Paul on Thursday. 152 Replies

    A completely new lamp is being launched on the 2nd Nov. Can't link the picture sorry. Won't let me.But looks die cast, and possibly looking at the curvature it might be taking an astro bottle. And first 100 out the window. Now a lottery of all the orders placed on the same day. Seems irrelevant to still call it first 100 when it isn't. What are your thoughts on what it might be? Continue

    I finally snagged a #21

    Started by MacRanium in Collecting. Last reply by MacRanium on Wednesday. 3 Replies

    I stumbled across one of my bucket list globes on Facebook marketplace a #21 red wax purple liquid silver streak edition. Got it for an amazing price from a nice old hippy lady in the older part of town. The spring is broken and sticks up a bit but it flows fine and the wax shrouds the spring so when it's fully flowing you don't see it, I plan on fixing it this weekend but otherwise super happy to have this color combo it's one of my favorites Continue

    Bubble clock

    Started by Jsmooth in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Jsmooth on Wednesday. 2 Replies

    Hello again lava lovers,Please see the attached video for an example of the problem I am having. I have the same problem with a couple of lamps and wondered if maybe this is a sign of a bad coil? A single bubble shoots up out of nowhere and sticks at the top with some of the wax that comes with it. You could time the bubble coming up from the bottom- it’s fairly frequent. Almost like a hiccup or something. Do you suppose it’s a coil that has a tiny area that the wax has not taken a liking…Continue

    Do you have experience with liquid wax dye?

    Started by Mark Golebiowski in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Kyle S Nov 29. 1 Reply

    I want to change the color of the wax in my grande lamp. I have liquid wax dye. Since the dye is an oil, I am afraid if I add a lot of dye to make a rich or a dark color, it will thin out the wax and make it too “oily” and disrupt the balance between water and wax. Have you tried liquid wax dye? What was your experience?Continue

    Crestworth Astro lantern

    Started by Darren in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Johnny Nov 27. 3 Replies

    Hi allim looking at selling my Astro lantern. I’m going to put it on eBay but I don’t know much about it.I understand they made a couple of models of this lamp. How would I find out which model I have, and what years this was in production?Many thanks Darren Continue

    Blog Posts

    Replacement bulb for a vintage cuda fiber optic lamp

    Posted by Mark young on November 10, 2022 at 7:35am 9 Comments

    Can anyone help me where to get a replacement bulb for a vintage cuda fiber optic lamp. I was given a lamp by a friend but it had no bulb in it. I plugged it in and it appears to be working just can’t find the exact size and type of bulb, it looks… Continue


    Posted by Heather Updike on September 23, 2022 at 6:35pm 0 Comments

    I want a Collosus. Not only do I want it "I NEED IT". Anyone wanting to sell one get back at me. PLEASE

    Regained my love of lava again!

    Posted by jewdiful on August 28, 2022 at 7:14pm 2 Comments

    It's tragic, I first made a profile here forever ago, intending to dive right into the lava community after falling in love with my new neon pink Heritage Grande. Unfortunately, that lamp stopped flowing completely not long after I got it... I…


    This is a gooey birthday shoutout for my hot lava friend (LarryLover)

    Posted by GooGhoul_ on June 9, 2022 at 7:30am 14 Comments

    CALLING ALL OOZERS AND GOOERS, do your little ol thing and wish this beautiful lava soul a happy bday…



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