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    Extending original wax by adding paraffin (or similar) wax? Any experience/comments?

    Started by James K. in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Keith 9 hours ago. 3 Replies

    I have a cheap Chinese perma-cloudy lamp, purchased primarily so I can use the wax for a custom lamp.  My question is: has anyone here tired “extending” the original wax by melting it together with some paraffin or micro-crystalline wax?  I have some micro-crystalline wax that I’m quite curious as to how it might alter the original max when added in small proportions (but that is a separate investigation for another time).Continue

    1st time making my own goo - Success!!!

    Started by BaBa-Gooey in General Goo. Last reply by Claude J 14 hours ago. 16 Replies

    Yesterday, I had the day to myself and was caught up on work, so I decided to try to make my own lamp, goo and water, from scratch.  I never thought it would work, as I have read that making the goo is very difficult. My first try was a failure.  Goo would not rise, or even dome.   The second try?  Success!!  See attached photo. I bought a pound of white wax at Michaels for about $5.   I have one block of wax left, so I am going to try to build another one today.  Working from home has it's…Continue

    Tags: recipe, wax, own, your, goo


    Started by BaBa-Gooey in Collecting. Last reply by Mr MaGoo 16 hours ago. 15 Replies

    I removed the thread containing the tutorial, after receiving two threatening and strange emails.  One  today and one on Monday.  Why people can't just enjoy sharing information and have to start drama is beyond me.  I want no part of it.I don't want to post the file on my personal website.If a forum moderator or admin wants it to repost, let me know and I can forward it to you.I removed my real name and email, to discourage drama queens from contacting me outside of this forum.Continue

    3 New Lamps - All Made From Scratch

    Started by BaBa-Gooey in Collecting. Last reply by Claude J 21 hours ago. 5 Replies

    Over the last week or so, I have made three lamps from scratch, all the exact same way, using the same supplies, same brand of wax, same exact process.  You can see in the pics below how my mileage varied. My total combined cost for these three lamps.  $4 for a pound of wax, $8 for 2 shades of wax dye.  $2 for 2 gallons of distilled water and $6 for a huge jug of epsom salt.  $6 for a can of Brakleen.  $26 total for 3 globes.  Not bad.I had one globe that never worked.  3 out or 4 are flowing,…Continue

    Tags: diy, wax, .cloudy, bubbles, goo

    New French boiler list posted!

    Started by Jonas Clark-Elliott in Collecting yesterday. 0 Replies

    I'm not very active here any more, mainly because I can't afford to do much buying and I never find good stuff locally. But I'm still extremely interested in these mysterious French-made lamps from the early 1970s. For those who are also interested, this list compiles every design and color variant I've seen. If anyone has one not pictured here, either owns it or has a photo of it, please tell me!For those who don't know, or simply desire a refresher course, these lamps are generally called…Continue

    New to collecting and refurbing; NEED HELP, PLEASE.

    Started by Jared Meade in Collecting. Last reply by Claude J yesterday. 16 Replies

    Me and my kids have recent started collecting lamps this last year and have acquired around 30.  I would like to refurbish some of my 1970s Starlights.  Can anyone tell me if I can remove the old water and salvage the original wax? I have seen the goo kits for sale and directions on using them, but once I remove the cap can it be put back on or does it require a new cap.  Any and all advice would help....Thank you so much.Continue

    Is there an engineer in the house?

    Started by BaBa-Gooey in General Goo. Last reply by Metallica Man Trevor on Thursday. 5 Replies

    Schylling should consider hiring the people behind this.  Wild stuff.https://courses.engr.illinois.edu/ece445/getfile.asp?id=9064Continue

    GOOLAMP XXL Bottle suitable for Mathmos Lunar Lava lamp

    Started by Marcel in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Marcel on Wednesday. 137 Replies

    New bottles are made and ready for shipping. Empty Bottle: XL: 287,41 USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping 259,74 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping 289,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping XXL: 297,31 USD for example the USA (+ Customs/Tax) + Shipping 268,70 GBP for UK (incl. Tax) + Shipping 299,99 Euro for Germany and Europe (incl. Tax) + Shipping Shipping examples: USA: ~70,00 USD UK: 18.80 GBP Germany: 6,99 Euro Glitter Filling Kits: You can even buy the…Continue


    Started by Jason Kurtz in General Goo. Last reply by Jason Kurtz on Wednesday. 22 Replies

    Anyone having trouble with ordering or getting in contact with the folks at MagmaT? I made a purchase before holidays and have had impossible time getting order status or response from them! Hope they are still in business and that I’m not SOL:) Continue

    Blog Posts

    Fantasia Glitter Graphics

    Posted by Pharos on December 22, 2018 at 1:06pm 1 Comment

    The series was produced by Fantasia in 1980, featuring these images (plus three words-only executions by another designer).The elusive "Big Rig" is a computer-generated recreation from the only known black-and-white range photo...



    Looking for a color wheel motor

    Posted by Tony Buck on December 3, 2018 at 1:52am 5 Comments

    Hello people of the Goo variety, I my self like the lava lamps, but my true love is the fiber optic lamps..

    Now i am hoping to get another motor for my color wheel on my Fantasia Love Bug.,

    Does not have to be original motor, but…


    Sun Fading

    Posted by Zachary on October 3, 2018 at 8:45pm 2 Comments

    This is my first try at sun fading a lamp, I couldn't believe how fast the blue faded. just took about four hours in the sun. The bottle was a white/blue bottle from 1994 that I had found at my local thrift store. You can't tell from the photo,…


    All that Glitters is Gold

    Posted by Peter Piper on September 13, 2018 at 10:41pm 2 Comments

    Seems to me like the popular gold bases with the holes should of been glittered.  It didn't take long to paint, partlly because the Rust-Oleum spray nozzle stopped working after half the can maybe less.  But it was good enough and looked great…



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