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    Opening a Giant

    Started by Tim in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Kirk 1 hour ago. 2 Replies

    Hi all!I want to open one of my Giants to top it off. My question is can I reuse the metal zip clamp and shrink seal again to seal it back up or do I have to get new ones?Thanks!Continue

    Mathmos bulbs

    Started by Andrew Swann in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J 5 hours ago. 1 Reply

    Hi guys.I've just bought received a new GU10 bulb from Mathmos for my heritage Astro. As you probably know, they are very expensive - £9.80 each!When the bulb arrived, I noticed it does come in a little "Mathmos" bulb box.I was wondering if anyone knows whether these Mathmos-branded bulbs are actually any different better than a cheaper bulb I could get up the high street?Thanks!Continue

    Tags: bulb

    Mathmos Aduki batteries.

    Started by julian rafalko in Collecting. Last reply by Kelly 5 hours ago. 1 Reply

    My Aduki lights batteries don´t charge anymore. Can they be fixed or replaced?Continue

    Any one ever heard of a 5th Safari lamp???

    Started by Keith in Collecting. Last reply by Kelly 5 hours ago. 7 Replies

    I saw this pic on lava lamps facebook page.  What is that second from the right?  I don't know!Continue

    Help A Lava Lamp Creating Noob?

    Started by Kitty Capulet in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Keith 9 hours ago. 3 Replies

    Hi everyone! :D I've had one lava lamp as long as I can remember and bought two more this year, on clearance from the Lava Lamp website. They both make me happy, but I've always had ideas for lamps that I've never had an outlet for, and I'm thinking that now's a great time to start bringing them to life. With that being said, I have some questions. :) 1. Is there a source for actual lava lamp bottles? I haven't found anyone who consistently sells empty ones (or full ones that don't work right),…Continue

    Spammers - someone bothering you? Post here

    Started by Erin in OG Network Talk. Last reply by Claude J yesterday. 20 Replies

    We've had a few spammers lately and some members do not know best how to get a hold of a mod. Unfortunately, I think you have to "friend" someone to message them. I know that can be a pain, so we'll just post info here so spammers can be taken care of quickly.If you've been getting bothersome messages from someone, please post their ID/page here and we'll take a look and see if the account needs to be suspended. Known spammers: Stella Kwale and Frank Kwabena. I am sure these aren't even real…Continue

    Tags: accounts, junk, troll, spammers, spam

    Mathmos Lunar XXL Bottle for SALE

    Started by Marcel in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Paulandabbe yesterday. 106 Replies

    At this time 4 tubes left. Lunartube with closing system 335 $Lunartube with closing system incl. heating coil 355 $Shipping costs to USA with DHL 65 $ This is the oozinggoo community Price for all of you who have helped me :) We help us all each other. I doesnt earn much on this... Ebay price will be 470 $. Anybody interested? Continue

    Oozing Goo Turns 20 Years Old!

    Started by Mark Goo in General Goo. Last reply by Mark Goo on Thursday. 13 Replies

    Well, that happened fast!  What started as a way to test my beginner HTML skills and share my love for lava lamps has grown into this fantastic community-driven resource.  Thank you!  I first published http://oozinggoo.com in early 1997.  The internet was a different place then.  We quickly became the top 3 search results for "lava lamp" on Google as well as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Magellan and others.  (Remember those?) The site started with the gallery.  I…Continue

    Tags: lamps, oozing, goo, start, collector

    Want to Buy Cranky the Clown Lava Lamp

    Started by Ryan in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Ryan on Thursday. 7 Replies

    I'm looking to buy a Cranky the Clown Icon Series Lava Lamp. If anyone has one they're willing to part with, please let me know its condition and price. Thanks!

    Fast & Slow Glitter Liquid for Sale! *NEW* Glitter Options

    Started by Kirk in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by G. T. on Wednesday. 636 Replies

    After extensive testing,  I'm now offering many NEW glitter colors in clear fast liquid.  They are gorgeous!  Here are a few of the options.  I'll post them all below in this discussion and in my videos.I've also developed replacement slow glitter formulas for the Florence Art, Heat Tapes, Mastercrafters, and Crestworth glitter lamps of the 60s and 70s.  The liquid in these formulas is non-flammable, non-combustible, and much less toxic than the fast, solvent-based liquid. …Continue

    Tags: Glitterlite

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    Need new oil

    Posted by Chris on October 1, 2016 at 2:58am 8 Comments

    So my brother was by a couple weeks ago and knocked over my 1975 lamp. The cap (which was already damaged) broke and all the oil spilled out on my carpet. The wax is still in there and very little oil remains. The oil is up to the wide part of the… Continue


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