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    Collectors and first 100 important announcement.

    Started by Jezza in Collecting. Last reply by MonsoonStorm on Monday. 32 Replies

    On the Mathmos Blog, there's an important information notice about future first 100 releases. Anyone wishing to collect a first 100 lamp should read this first before buying. It looks like the UK gets half and Germany gets half of all new first 100 lamps. Personally, i think this is wrong as Mathmos is a UK company therefore we, sorry WE, should get first divvies. Yes here in the UK. However, I am looking forward to some new finishes and some new models too. But have practically given up on…Continue

    Has anyone ever tried making a lava lamp out of a glass soda bottle?

    Started by Abby lol in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Tevfik Dogruman on Sunday. 2 Replies

    I have this really cool idea for a lava lamp but I'm unsure if it would work because I would want to use a glass soda bottle for the design.Continue

    1970's Century 100 Lava Lite Wax Problems

    Started by Judy Streit in Collecting. Last reply by Judy Streit Sep 11. 5 Replies

    Good AfternoonHoping that someone could give me some advice as to how to fix my lamp. The wax stays up at the top. I have a 40 watt bulb and I ran it your over 4 hours with no luck. I would appreciate any input I could get as to how to fix this problem.Thanks Much Continue

    Geyser Lamp

    Started by K75 in Collecting. Last reply by andy ross Sep 10. 15 Replies

    What would a geyser lamp sell for or trade for?Continue

    Geyser Lamp for sale

    Started by K75 in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott Sep 7. 5 Replies

    Hello! im back havent been on this site in a while and iv decided to sell my Geyser Lamp I never use it and I know there are people that would enjoy it more than I do. I tried selling locally a few years ago but hard finding a collector near me. I may post it on Mercari but shipping it is an concern to me because of how fragile these lamps are. I thought I try to sell it here first tho. I also may have some other rare / strange lamps for sale soon as im selling all of my collection and just…Continue

    GU10 Mathmos Telstar - Stuck Bulb

    Started by Paul in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Paul Sep 7. 3 Replies

    Hi AllAll of my GU10 Telstars have stuck bulbs, has anyone else had this issue? I've tried litrally everything. Sometimes they get stuck stright away, sometimes I can change the bulb once or twice before thet get stuck in the base. I've seen a couple of reviews on Amazon saying the same so I guess it happens but all of mine are useless at the moment :(. Thanks for any help! Continue

    Sticking wax solution?

    Started by lampfancy in Problems & Questions. Last reply by lampfancy Sep 5. 20 Replies

    I posted about this a while back but the trail has gone a bit cold, so to speak.Just wondered if anyone had any success in finding a ‘hands on’ approach to solving the sticking wax issue that seems to be a quite a common defect on newer Mathmos bottles, since I still have a couple of (non returnable) bottles which have this issue.

Was contemplating re-filling them using a goo/glitter kit, but with the prohibitive the cost of getting these in the UK now this is probably no longer an…Continue

    Flowing column potential fix?

    Started by Kyle S in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Marco Pulone Sep 4. 5 Replies

    Hi all,I have a century that likes to only flow in a column. No matter how long it stays turned on, we only see that unbreakable column flow.I was wondering if replacing the liquid in this century with different liquid from another USA lamp would change the flow considering the possibly different formula makeup there? Or is the column flow only a wax issue? Any help would be highly appreciated to break the damn thing!(For reference, the century is a 90's lamp and the replacement liquid would…Continue

    Goo Kit Supplies

    Started by Jim in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Jarrad Cuff Sep 3. 14 Replies

    Good morning fellow lava lovers, I have about four boxes of Goo Kit supplies. Tubes, funnels, brushes, etc. I also have a number of quarts of Goo base, some partial, some seemingly full, but all have been in storage for several years. Not knowing the shelf life of MagmaTower Goo, I can't say whether its still good or not.Please reply to this thread or shoot me a message. If there is interest, I'll take a full accounting of what's there and we can discuss how to make it yours.Please note that I…Continue

    Blog Posts

    Bell Bottom Jeans as go to  choice for plus size fashion

    Posted by kantap kaku on September 4, 2021 at 6:30am 0 Comments

    Bell Bottom Jeans as go to  choice for plus size fashion

    I think you'll really love these cute and cool styles and be ready to try out these wide leg jeans for women this summer! Have a look at this great collection of…


    My Vintage Clear Liquid/Purple Wax Midnight Series Century Lava Lamp from Either 1995 or 1996. (I got it yesterday at the thrift store near me.) https://youtube.com/shorts/EdEZOKZQcF0?feature=share

    Posted by Corbinator777 on June 7, 2021 at 5:06pm 0 Comments

    My Vintage Clear Liquid/Purple Wax Midnight Series Century Lava Lamp from Either 1995 or 1996. (I got it yesterday at the thrift store near me.) …


    I Got a Midnight Century

    Posted by Corbinator777 on June 7, 2021 at 5:04pm 0 Comments

    My Vintage Clear Liquid/Purple Wax Midnight Series Century Lava Lamp from Either 1995 or 1996. (Got it from the thrift store near me yesterday *6/6/21*)…


    The vintage Crestworth I scored on ebay finally came

    Posted by Michael Strong on April 9, 2021 at 8:42pm 6 Comments

    The only thing that sucks is the cap is broken. They tried to fix it by gluing the screw on cap to the…



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