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    Trying to crack the original formula- why was kerosene used?

    Started by Ant Bee in General Goo. Last reply by Zach May 21. 163 Replies

    In my quest to figure out exactly what the original formula is, one thing I haven't figured out is why they used Kerosene in the mixture.  It seems like it was a very small part of the mixture, something like 7% by volume.But what was the point?  Did it act as a preservative, or enhance the flow, or help to bind everything together?Speculations?Continue

    Pyramid Lava Lamps for sale

    Started by Lamp Addict in Collecting. Last reply by Lamp Addict May 17. 6 Replies

    I am going to be selling two different size Pyramid style lava lamps and I wanted to see if anyone was interested in them here before I post them on eBay.  The red one is the smaller size, but it has great flow.  The purple one is the large size Pyramid and is something like 2ft tall maybe more.  I only have a few pictures of them right now, but I hope to have more soon.  If your interested please send me a private message.  Thanks for looking!…Continue

    Tags: Pyramid

    Vintage GemLite Lamp 'Confetti 700' Brass/Gold/Clear RARE

    Started by Oyster Bay Antiques in Collecting. Last reply by Mark Golebiowski May 11. 3 Replies

    Hello OG,This is Michael at www.ebay.com/str/oysterbayantiques and Thank You for welcoming me to OG. We have some exciting finds posted on eBay and OG that I am hoping you will enjoy and tell your friends and other collectors about. In the next few weeks, we will be posting more exciting pics of more Lava Lamps as we uncover them from our warehouse. I believe we have 20 or more and I would really appreciate some input on value for sale and…Continue

    Stained Glass Lava Lamp window hangers

    Started by Claude J in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Claude J May 11. 1 Reply

    HandmadeBetween 12" to 14" tallEach one is original and unique3 color choices Red, Blue, or Green$40 includes shipping to the lower 48Email order to Lavalabcreations@gmail.comContinue

    Cool Garage Sale Find

    Started by Jacob McNeel in Collecting. Last reply by Arne May 10. 1 Reply

    So this morning I decided to hit up a local garage sale, and I almost passed this by thinking it was just a generic Chinese made lamp. Boy am I glad I decided to lift up the cap to double check.When I saw that old Lava Lite logo, I immediately handed them the $10 they were asking for it. Haven't had a chance to warm it up yet, but boy am I excited.Continue

    Mathmos Telstar not working in US

    Started by Lynda Sanderson in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Jen Smith May 10. 4 Replies

    Hello all, I am a small UK seller of vintage lamps and I often sell Mathmos lavas to clients all over the world.  I have just had an unhappy client who has said that her Telstar which I sold to her is not working.  I understand that your voltage is lower, but is there anything that I can do to help her.  What should she do to get the wax moving - it was working perfectly over here.She is also upset that the legs on the Telstar are unstable, ie they are not a snug fit on the lamp base and now…Continue

    Mathmos Special fill for Giant lamps!,

    Started by Lava_Head_UK in Collecting. Last reply by Lava_Head_UK May 6. 8 Replies

    Finally us Lunar, io & Rokit owners are getting some attention, Clear / White and Clear / Purple are the choices.Pretty boring if you ask me, how about a choice of Red, White or Blue etc.Continue

    Purple psychedelic swirl for sale

    Started by Arne in Collecting May 5. 0 Replies

    If someone is interested pm me. I'm in germany.Continue

    Blog Posts

    Barava, LLC Set to Launch LED Hanging Barava Light on Kickstarter, Summer 2023

    Posted by Johnny on May 15, 2023 at 4:36pm 2 Comments

    Welcome to the Next Generation of Lighting. The Barava Light Is a Smart LED Hanging Liquid Light With a Built-In Speaker, Captivating Colors, and Themes.

    MOSCOW, Idaho - Barava, LLC is proud to announce the launch of their…


    Searching for Midnight 8420 & 8404

    Posted by Nick C on May 2, 2023 at 11:48pm 0 Comments


    Not sure how incredibly rare the midnight 8420 (Purple & White) is. But figured I’d post that I’m looking for one if anyone has one they are looking to sell by chance? Right now I’m after all the white wax/colored liquid…


    Tower Lava Lamp spike tree event -still trying to capture!

    Posted by Todd on April 2, 2023 at 8:05am 1 Comment

    The tower erupts usually between an hour and a half and 2 hours, and I hope to capture it on a GoPro sometime!  …


    In 10 Years..

    Posted by Bowlerhat on December 30, 2022 at 7:30am 1 Comment

    Merry Christmas! and it's almost the end of the year. 

    Looking back at my old post, it's been a while and lots of things happened. 

    Where did I like lava lamps? Back then when I was a child I was in a phase being…



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