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    Loft find!

    Started by Darren in Collecting. Last reply by Darren 36 minutes ago. 2 Replies

    Hi Everyone, im new here and to be totally honest I’m only here because i found one of these in my loft.does anyone know much about it? im based in the UKmany thanks DarrenContinue

    cleaning MSR filter for drinking

    Started by Michael Strong in Off Topic. Last reply by Lamp Addict 6 hours ago. 5 Replies

    So I bought an MSR filter a while back to filter out my lamps. It wasn't working for me. It kept on getting clogged, and I was filtering Grande, so you can imagine how annoying it was to stop and have to clean it out every 500ml. So recently I purchased a Büchner funnel filtration kit to do my filtering for my other lamps. I want to clean out the MSR, so I can use it when I go hiking. So does anyone know how to clean it out to get it back to water consumption use? Would it be advisable to even…Continue

    Trying to crack the original formula- why was kerosene used?

    Started by Ant Bee in General Goo. Last reply by Autumn 6 hours ago. 112 Replies

    In my quest to figure out exactly what the original formula is, one thing I haven't figured out is why they used Kerosene in the mixture.  It seems like it was a very small part of the mixture, something like 7% by volume.But what was the point?  Did it act as a preservative, or enhance the flow, or help to bind everything together?Speculations?Continue

    Rain Lamp not flowing....

    Started by Skorpion Moon in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Skorpion Moon 19 hours ago. 3 Replies

    ....Would this be the correct forum to post this in? I have a small elephant rain lamp that won't flow all the way around or for very long. When started you can hear the pump, and the oil begins to flow, but on only about half the strings. Then the flow slows to almost nothing. It worked great for the first two years I had it.Continue

    Wanted: Colossus Glass Table Ring or Measurments

    Started by Lamp Addict in Collecting. Last reply by Keith yesterday. 2 Replies

    I'm looking for the glass table ring that was an option for the Colossus if anyone has one to sell.  Thanks! Continue

    I just bought this...

    Started by Nate in Collecting. Last reply by Kelly yesterday. 2 Replies

    Anybody buy from these guys??Continue

    Metallic Astros back in stock (UK)

    Started by MonsoonStorm in General Goo. Last reply by MonsoonStorm yesterday. 2 Replies

    Just a head's up that Mathmos have the metallic yellow and red back in stock.I'd had the site open in another tab for a few days and when I clicked on the tab it refreshed and I got a 404, so I have a feeling something else might have changed too... I just can't figure out what I had been looking at!I checked the metallics on the off-chance and they were there so that's a bonus at least.Continue

    WANTED : Crestworth Comet and Rocket

    Started by Ian Knipe in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by MileHigh yesterday. 1 Reply

    Looking to buy a Crestworth Comet or Rocket :)Continue

    FOR SALE: A pair of Crestworth Rockets

    Started by MileHigh in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone yesterday. 0 Replies

    I am selling two Crestworth Rocket lamps for $600 plus shipping costs.They are both in very nice conditon and come with 2 extra bottles and two extra bulbs.It should be noted that all 4 bottles are refills and one of the bottles is actually a Fantasia bottle however it's the same size as a Jet bottle so it fits in the Rocket base fine.…Continue

    Crestworth Living Jewel's For sale

    Started by Alexander David Lyon in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone yesterday. 0 Replies

    Anyone looking for some Crestworth Living Jewel's - I now have for sale.Super condition.Continue

    Blog Posts

    The vintage Crestworth I scored on ebay finally came

    Posted by Michael Strong on April 9, 2021 at 8:42pm 5 Comments

    The only thing that sucks is the cap is broken. They tried to fix it by gluing the screw on cap to the…



    Posted by Rob Landenberger on April 3, 2021 at 5:29pm 0 Comments

    Looking for icon series toppers . I have Alien , need any of the others . Thanks.   Rob

    re-doing my lamp set up part 2

    Posted by Cate Smith on March 22, 2021 at 5:00pm 5 Comments

    first off sorry its been so long since my last blog post all my teachers have decided to drown me in work. I've decided that i'm going to go with spot 2 but I'm keeping the owl painting. thanks for your guys' suggestions. Also originally I wanted…


    Re doing my lamp set up

    Posted by Cate Smith on March 12, 2021 at 3:26pm 8 Comments

    My current lamp set up isn’t much of a set up as it’s just 3( of six because I don’t have room for the rest)lamps siting in a cluster on my vanity/desk. But I’ve decided to change this because a it will look better and b I would like to be able…



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