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    Surf vs clear dawn dish liquid

    Started by kero48 in General Goo. Last reply by kero48 49 minutes ago. 30 Replies

    I want to conduct an experiment.Let's say a 52oz bottle normally would take about 15-18ml of surf. How much concentrated dawn clear dish soap would that equal? Should I try 5 or so ml or would sticking to the glass stick occur?For some reason am think you would require less dish soap as opposed to surf as the surf I had from magma tower seemed quick thin compared to dish soap.Continue


    Started by Claude J in Collecting. Last reply by Isabelle Martin 4 hours ago. 5 Replies

    I've decided to clear out some of my collectionPlease review the PDF attachmentsNo reasonable offer refusedCUSTOM%20LAVA%20LAMPS%20FOR%20SALE.pdfContinue

    How I have fixed my bubbly lava lamp at first try (theories inside)

    Started by Ikana in Problems & Questions 8 hours ago. 0 Replies

    First I was following this guide http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/how-to-fix-bubbly-lava-lavaIt was a success at first try. I was also little too impatient, so I did not let the globe cooled down completely, etc for example. I have this little theory popped up in my mind at some point as I've looked at coil. The coil wasn't reaching all the edge of the bottom globe. There was talk of bad coil, the wax…Continue

    Mathmos Jet - rewire

    Started by Erin in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Erin 11 hours ago. 47 Replies

    Anyone re-wired a Mathomos Jet? I've got a plug converter (this kind: http://www.amazon.com/International-Power-Adapter-Plug-Converter/dp/B001BPWC2M/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1291482956&sr=8-7) and I was just going to plug it in, but I dropped the base and the bulb doesn't work now. If I re-wire, how does the base come out? I see there are two clips…Continue

    MATHMOSmatician majoring in Fluidum 101 Needed

    Started by MichaelN77 in Problems & Questions yesterday. 0 Replies

    Hello, I got my green Mathmos Fludium today and already have two problems I need help with, please.First off, it is a bit cloudy in there. Most likely from being shipped from London to my place in two days.Should I let the wax settle for a day and then cycle it or cycle it for twelve hours immediately?…Continue

    GRANDE and LUNAR Color Change Kits

    Started by Claude J in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Claude J yesterday. 16 Replies

    Convert you're grande into a remote controlled color change lamp.From your recliner, you can select from Jump, Fade, Static, Flash, Slide, or Strobe.Select from a variety of colors. RBGYW-UVSuggested goo (not included) is a quart of Magnatower goo and blue Ultraviolet dye but any white goo will do.Prewired Kit includes:150 Watt heaterRemote ControlController (3 AAA batteries not included )Power supplyLED ring (Includes 3M mounting tape)500 Watt DimmerAll prewired with labeled wires (not shown…Continue

    Spoke to lava lamp today aka Schylling

    Started by kero48 in General Goo. Last reply by Jon yesterday. 32 Replies

    So I called lava lamp today to inquire about stock on the glitter grande bottles and black bases. Stock is low so I will most likely buy one.From what I gather from my brief conversation, they don't know what will and what will not be continued however, grandes in particular are up in the air and there is a chance they might not continue them. If they do, the selection will be ultra limited from what I was told.This also goes for the entire line. it seems they have their hands full trying to…Continue

    Sputnik Replacement Bulb

    Started by WeeboTech in Collecting yesterday. 0 Replies

    Asking for a friend, does anyone have information on a replacement bulb for Mathmos Sputnik?It's been so many years since I had one I can barely remember much about it.Any Information, links or offers for a spare would be appreciated. Continue

    Tags: SPUTNIK

    My new Grande color combo

    Started by Jon in Collecting. Last reply by Jon yesterday. 2 Replies

    Got ny pink and purple grande yesturday.. Made in 2018 came clear but i had other plans for the pink wax.  Saved the fluid and i decided to make it a cyan color but that was eh.  Here it is as turquoise with pink wax.The camera always manages to change what the colors look like in person slightly..  But the pink wax in person looks dark red.   I might lighten the turquoise slightly but what do you think ?   This is also my first lamp using pure sodium laurel sulfate in a shampoo like gel form.…Continue

    Blog Posts

    Bubbles in my wax

    Posted by Becks Hayes on May 4, 2018 at 7:01pm 2 Comments

    I've tried melting the wax to get the bubbles out .

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Also what causes these? …


    My Nov 73 Coachlite

    Posted by JohnL on February 17, 2018 at 10:27am 3 Comments

    Its quite cloudy.  I've been running it a…


    A New Contender!

    Posted by VOXul on January 26, 2018 at 5:07pm 4 Comments

    Stumbled upon a cool new desk toy/lamp that some of you may find-a-fancy for! I may have to get behind this project! …



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