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    Spencers not restocking lava lamps

    Started by kero48 in General Goo. Last reply by kero48 10 hours ago. 8 Replies

    So I visited two spencers near me just to see what they had and both stores are almost out of stock. I am not sure if this has to do with schylling buy them but I visit these stores regularly while we are out shopping and they have less less and less.One store only has 2 52oz lamps left and not to much on 17". The other not much more.I wonder what's going on?Thoughts?Continue

    Crestworth 'Astro Slimline' Box

    Started by Anthony P in Collecting. Last reply by MCJ van Aken 18 hours ago. 15 Replies

    Hello everyoneYesterday I was browsing my local vintage emporium store when I found a boxed Crestworth Astro Mini for £20. I instantly picked it up and inspected it and found it to not have the original bottle but a Mathmos Glitterbaby bottle (Which I am now using in my Mathmos Neo). I also found inside the box a late Crestworth brochure / poster which I hope to get framed at some point. As I was walking around with the box I realized something wasn't quite as as expected so I inspected further…Continue

    Tags: Box, Slimline, Astro, Crestworth

    Wanted: Century Base

    Started by Monte in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone yesterday. 0 Replies

    Looking for a gold century base, complete with black bottom.. Working condition with no dents or issues. Let me know if you have one.Thanks,Monte Continue

    Lava library...

    Started by Stephanie in General Goo on Tuesday. 0 Replies

    Could we start to get the current models updated in the lava library? I am curious what I might have missed since it's outdated.ThanksContinue

    On-going list of quality issues with Lava Lite lamps (post-2003 lamps)

    Started by Erin in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Stephanie on Tuesday. 18 Replies

    I've slowed down in buying lamps over the years, but I still get tempted when I see Lava Lite put out new lamps. And nearly all of the time, I'm disappointed. I wanted to consolidate my experiences/posts into one thread for those who are looking to purchase "new"er lava lamps, specifically ones from 2003 and after. Most of us know that 2003 is when Lava Lite shifted production of their lamps to China. Since that time, there's been an obvious decline in quality, though many new lava lamp fans…Continue

    Tags: lifespan, brands, lamps, issues, lite

    Identifying my lava lite lamp

    Started by deni g in Collecting. Last reply by Johnny on Tuesday. 16 Replies

    I would like to ask your expert help in identifying the model/year of my lava lamp.  Sadly, it fell off a window ledge in a windstorm...the cap broke in 5 or 6 pieces and the yellow liquid came out.  I've posted several photos in my album.  I think it might be a Century, but some of its characteristics don't match the Century description.  Also, would you recommend trying to repair it (if possible) or just selling for parts?  Thank you!Continue

    ONE of My other expensive hobbies !! Check out my new gaming pc i built

    Started by Jon in Off Topic. Last reply by Claude J on Monday. 4 Replies

    So ive been out of the lava lamp thing for a month or two now as i moved onto my PC..  Finally updated my entire computer..   My case i had was 14 years old, my keyboard a mechanical keyboard from 1996 (old keyboards are the best trust me", got a new mouse, my monitor was 14 years old right when CRT's switched to LCD's this was my 2nd lcd ive ever had lol.   Also since my PC is a gaming pc i watercool the cpu and ive been re-using my watercooling for 17 years since like 2001.  Its an old…Continue

    Help! Did I ruin my coachlite lava?

    Started by ash-hole! in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J on Sunday. 22 Replies

    To start off, sorry for my ignorance. I'm new at this stuff.So I received my Coachlite a few weeks ago. When I got it the lava needed some help. It didn't do much more than make the "ice sickle" effect. (I'm sure you guys have another name for that.) So I decided to revitalize the lava the old school way with Epson salt and dawn soap. It worked great. But once I had changed the liquid I was able to see how much scum build up was on the inside of the globe. So I decided to do it again a few days…Continue

    Were Colossus/Humungo Lamps Advertised?

    Started by Jason Madore in General Goo. Last reply by Claude J on Sunday. 23 Replies

    Hi everyone,After six long years of searching and waiting, I FINALLY scored the Holy Grail of lava lamps - a purple liquid/red wax Colossus in perfect shape from a collector in the Twin Cities, complete with the glass table ring and functioning dimmer. It looks soooo beautiful all set up in my bedroom and when it is turned on, the lava flow is truly hypnotizing!That said, I would love it if anyone out there knows if Colossus (or their earlier Humungo siblings) lamps were ever advertised by Lava…Continue

    Tags: Colossus

    Learned a valuable lesson today - let items get to room temp before cleaning in the summer

    Started by kero48 in General Goo. Last reply by Jon on Sunday. 15 Replies

    I learned a very shitty and valuable lesson today for the summer.I rec'd my red glitter wizard today which i got for a great offer price on ebay.I went to clean the bottle and it was pretty warm but not hot.The bottle slipped out of my hands I caught it again and it slipped again only inches from my kitchen floor. The bottle broke up and all the contents spilled all over the kitchen floor.The cleanup was pretty nasty and unpleasant with glitter and stinky fluid all over the place.Moral of the…Continue

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    Bubbles in my wax

    Posted by Becks Hayes on May 4, 2018 at 7:01pm 2 Comments

    I've tried melting the wax to get the bubbles out .

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Also what causes these? …


    My Nov 73 Coachlite

    Posted by JohnL on February 17, 2018 at 10:27am 3 Comments

    Its quite cloudy.  I've been running it a…


    A New Contender!

    Posted by VOXul on January 26, 2018 at 5:07pm 4 Comments

    Stumbled upon a cool new desk toy/lamp that some of you may find-a-fancy for! I may have to get behind this project! …



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