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    Kenart spiral lamp plug

    Started by Melanie Partner in Collecting. Last reply by Melanie Partner yesterday. 4 Replies

    Any tips on getting the plug out of the spiral kenart lamp. Looking to top up the liquid inside mine. Bought it new originally.Is it glued in? Can’t get a screwdriver under it yet.Continue

    Progress on my square lava lamp - Sealing the glass block

    Started by Mattgyver92 in General Goo. Last reply by Zapiao yesterday. 7 Replies

    I managed to design a laser-cut seal from layers of acrylic and sheet rubber for a 7.5x7.5" glass craft block to be a globe for my lamp. The rubber layers are offset slightly larger than the acrylic and when alternated, make some nice 'ribs' that make a good seal inside the molded opening in the glass. It's not perfect. I still get a slow drip, but that could be through the hardware holes and a bit of silicone could possibly fully seal that.Will this whole thing work because it's square? I…Continue

    Tags: Square

    Homemade Mid-Century Concrete Lava Lamp Design

    Started by Mattgyver92 in Collecting. Last reply by KirkS on Tuesday. 7 Replies

    Just joined Oozinggoo. I posted this on reddit in the lava lamp community, and thought I might as well share it here as my introduction.So I recently got into lava lamps and decided to design my own after fixing up a Soviet one from Ukraine. My design is similar to it, however I tried to go more mid-century modern with the forms and stand. Definitely going for a…Continue

    Tags: homemade, mid-century, DIY, lamp, lava

    Attention Mathmos owners in USA

    Started by Claude J in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Claude J on Tuesday. 1 Reply

    Attention Mathmos owners in the USA.Did you know replacement light bulbs are available without waiting for shipment from the EU?I offer 10% discount rebated to OG membershttps://lavalabcreations.com/collections/220v-light-bulbsContinue

    Question about best liquid fading method

    Started by Peter Panussi in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Adrian on Monday. 5 Replies

    High folks,some days ago I purchased an Astrobaby bottle, and now I want to modificate it.The colorway is violet-tourquoise. I thought this combination was only sold for Neos, but this one is clearly an Astrobaby without any plastic coating. The violet is pale and washed out in comparison to the violet-tourquoise Neo I have in my collection.I plan to fade away the violet completely and then dye the clear liquid yellow, to reproduce the phantastic yellow-tourquoise Astro colorway, which was…Continue


    Started by Claude J in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Claude J on Sunday. 1 Reply

    New Product Alert PreMixed Vintage Master Fluid. https://lavalabcreations.com/products/vintage-master-fluidContinue

    Lava sticking to the sides of lamp

    Started by Jhammo52 in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J on Sunday. 19 Replies

    Hai everyone! Just want to say this place is awesome, I never expected to find such massed enthusiasm for Lava Lamps!anyway, I really need help with something.I love my lamp. I rescued it from being thrown away when it's old owner didn't want it anymore. It took me a long time to find just the right lightbulb for it, but once I had that it worked a treat!It worked just how I expected a lava lamp to for about a month. Then solid bits of the lava started to build against the side of the glass,…Continue

    Tags: lamp, :(, broken, solid, sticking

    How do you package your lamps when moving?

    Started by Stephanie in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J on Sunday. 1 Reply

    When you aren't using the box it came in, how do you package your lava lamps when you're planning to move? Do you keep each lamp together or separate them into globes and bases?Milk crates, or Any particularly good box types or places to look out for? And what about Dividers, Bubble wrap, or just using clothes?I have moved my collection before using a variety of methods but figured I'd ask the community for tips and tricks I haven't thought of. Mostly referring to regular sizes.Pictures…Continue

    Tags: packaging, move, boxes, moving

    Blog Posts


    Posted by Ghost225 on April 21, 2022 at 2:37pm 1 Comment

    What an awesome site! Glad I found it

    OozingGoo Reflection - A Decade Later

    Posted by Alex on April 12, 2022 at 8:53pm 3 Comments

    Ten years.

    It’s been ten years to the day (4/12) since I joined OozingGoo to participate in the motion lamp collecting community. I was in middle school and now…


    New (old) Aristocrat

    Posted by Jsmooth on March 21, 2022 at 4:07pm 2 Comments

    Hey you wonderful goo-loving sweeties! I just scored my first aristocrat off of ebay and am wondering if you could help me figure out a couple of things about it.

    1. Is the base rare? It seems to have a more stretched out…


    Fireflows O1 for sale

    Posted by Marco Manenti on January 19, 2022 at 9:47am 0 Comments

    i have some fireflows O1 for sale, brand new, shipping all around the world, contact me:

    marcoshared22@gmail.com for info.…



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