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    Did Mathmos ever produce a white Astro

    Started by Susan in Collecting. Last reply by Susan 12 hours ago. 10 Replies

    Hi, does anyone know if Mathmos ever produced a white base and cap Astro? I remember they produced a marbled white/grey based lamp which I missed out on. I've been searching for either of the above without success. There's currently a black based Astro available on their site, it would be great to see a white based one. Continue

    Mathmos Clear /White Astro bottles shipping within 3 weeks!

    Started by Lava_Head_UK in General Goo. Last reply by Susan 17 hours ago. 6 Replies

    All you lucky customers LOL !! Here is email from Mathmos. Thank you for your recent order of the special Astro Clear/White bottle(s). The limited run of this colourway has proven to be very popular and we are pleased with the positive response that was awarded. We are making these bottles to order so our filling team are now busy preparing these for our lucky customers. Your order is estimated to be shipped within the next three weeks. On the day of dispatch, you should expect to receive an…Continue

    Photography Fair

    Started by VOXul in Off Topic. Last reply by VOXul 17 hours ago. 642 Replies

    So I thought... We have a great music thread, random topic thread and various lava/glitter/fiber/rain/plasma/wave/motion image threads. I think we need one to support general photography, unique images and moving pictures (e.g. gifs and other things that move). Maybe it will be a quiet thread maybe it will get rowdy. I could be talking to myself here! Post images that move you, excite you, make you laugh maybe even cry! Express with imagery!Continue

    Tags: Beautiful, Exciting, Bizarre, Unusual, Animation

    Smart Astro Base Problems - Advice Appreciated

    Started by ElectricMonkey in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Susan 18 hours ago. 7 Replies

    Hi All,I have a Mathmos Smart Astro base which hadn't previously been used. I got the lamp set up last night but after it had been lit for about 30 mins to an hour I could see white steam/smoke coming out of it so panicked and switched it off.I tried to get hold of Mathmos today to ask for advice but no-one has got back to me so I'm turning to you as you are likely to have had some experience of similar issues.This evening I've switched it back on and the LEDs originally seemed to light ok but…Continue

    Tags: Heating, Issues, Base, LED, Astro

    What is the WORLD is this lamp?

    Started by Rory in Collecting. Last reply by Critter 21 hours ago. 5 Replies

    Has anyone seen a lamp like this before? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1960s-Three-Globe-Lava-Lite-Lamp-Vintage-Custom-Rare-Cream-Green-Red-Lava-Light/333782660340?hash=item4db6ff34f4:g:ds8AAOSwonZfqGXjI haven't seen anything like it... Does anyone have info about it? Its not like any consort variety I have ever seen. The globe…Continue

    Rare color combo

    Started by Kaden John Snyder in Collecting. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott yesterday. 9 Replies

    Does anyone know what the rarest color combo is by any chance?Continue

    New Score! Coral Red Princess with original Box

    Started by Jay Goo in Collecting. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott yesterday. 2 Replies

    Totally got lucky with this find. This will be the 2nd coral red princess in my collection but the first with the box. In the process of moving so ill post pictures of the lamp once I get settled. Continue

    I'm having a lava-related stuff garage sale!

    Started by Jonas Clark-Elliott in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott yesterday. 28 Replies

    I haven't been active here for a while, but I hope to change that! I'm selling off a bunch of lava-related stuff I've accumulated. Please make offers! I'm not looking to get rich off these items. I want them gone and I'd like a teeny bit of extra cash.Trade offers are also welcome. I'd really love to find an empty Consort globe with intact gold cap, if anyone wants some of my items and has a spare. I'd also love to locate one of the iron-stand Auras Glow, or one of the little Mathmos rocketship…Continue

    Vintage Fantasia Unicorn-Rainbow Tube Rotating Fiber Optic Motion Lamp, light

    Started by The Lamp Caretaker in General Goo. Last reply by andy ross yesterday. 1 Reply

    Vintage Fantasia Unicorn-Rainbow Tube Rotating Fiber Optic Motion Lamp, lightI saw this on Ebay today and wanted to know if anyone else was aware this lamp existed.  I've seen a lot of lamps in my lifetime but had no idea the same panels used for the vintage Fantasia Glitter Graphics lamps were also used for cylindrical motion lamps in this lamps case with fiber optics included.  The lamp was way overpriced in my opinion so I'm not touching but wonder if other lamps exist using panels like the…Continue

    Is anyone selling a Mathmos Editions marble Astro

    Started by Susan in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone yesterday. 0 Replies

    Hi, long shot I know, but is anyone thinking of selling a Mathmos Editions marble Astro lamp please. It doesn't matter if there's no bottle, base and cap would be fine. I missed out on this edition, as I have with them all sadly lol. Continue

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    WTB metallica glitter lamp

    Posted by Robert Israel on August 8, 2020 at 5:44pm 0 Comments

    im looking to buy a metallica glitter lamp…


    looking to buy

    Posted by not rick james on July 28, 2020 at 2:02am 1 Comment

    i am looking to buy the yellow designer with the clear liquid where can these be found or are the no longer made

    WTB disco lava, lava lamp shaped disco light.

    Posted by Robert Israel on July 26, 2020 at 10:32am 2 Comments

    im looking for a lava disco light like the one in the…



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