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    Help with my recipe/balance?

    Started by Mattgyver92 in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J yesterday. 6 Replies

    I feel like I'm doing something way off with every batch I try to mix and make for my DIY lamps. I typically mix three bottles at a time with wax and fluid, since the last time I tried reusing leftover mixed lava wax, it wouldn't sink in pure distilled water indicating it was somehow losing density. I've had a lot of issues getting decent flow and lately anything to balance and flow at all. Last six bottles (two runs) seem to be duds and I'm trying not to get too frustrated with the process.Any…Continue

    Wax sitting on Coil

    Started by Mattgyver92 in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J yesterday. 9 Replies

    Not really sure what's going on with this. I've tried a few coils and they all do this- the wax just sits on top of them. It doesn't break the surface tension of the wax and I'm guessing it's not heating it up as well because of this. Any ideas on what's happening and what I can do? …Continue

    How to remove shatterproof coating from Mathmos Neo?

    Started by itsblue in Problems & Questions. Last reply by itsblue yesterday. 2 Replies

    I saw a post on here from a few months ago where someone was able to successfully remove the coating on their Neo, but for some reason I'm unable to see the replies describing how to actually do it. Unfortunately, my Neo's film came with a few ugly bubbles in it, and just generally makes the bottle less clear. If anyone has any advice on how to remove it, or knows how to find the replies to that old post, I would very much appreciate the help. Thanks!Continue

    Tags: Neo, Mathmos

    Grabbed this poor dude from a yard sale.

    Started by KittenChops in General Goo on Friday. 0 Replies

    Dumped it out and started from scratch!Continue

    ISO 32 oz globe

    Started by Jsmooth in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone on Thursday. 0 Replies

    The title says it all! If anyone has a 32 oz globe with or without the contents, please let me know. I broke the top of one of my favorite lamps by idiot accident and am now searching for a new globe… Continue

    Neo Shatterproof coating removal

    Started by MonsoonStorm in Problems & Questions. Last reply by itsblue Aug 1. 6 Replies

    I was wondering if anyone had tried removing this coating.  I've read that it scratches quite easily so I was wondering about having a go with a glass scraper, or does anyone know of any chemicals that would strip it?I have one bottle that seems to have a particularly thick coating and it's bugging me!I've been pondering asking mathmos if they'll add an option of non-coated bottles for those of us who don't use them as kids lighting and don't care about the shatterproof properties...Continue

    Very Rare Unreleased Lamp ~ KENNY SOUTHPARK BASE

    Started by MIKKI MCGLONE in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Derrick Bratcher Jul 31. 10 Replies

    MAKE ME A REASONABLE OFFER, This is the story from another previous owner of an identical Kenny prototype lamp:"The Kenny has an interesting background. In 1995 I was the GM for ICON Ceramics which was the largest manufacturer of ceramic bong bases in the world. In 1996, we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for world. In 1996, we got a contract to produce 10,000 lava lamp bases for Haggerty enterprises. We retooled our molds to produce our pieces in a way that would accomodate…Continue

    Tags: lava, lamp, rare, kenny, park

    very odd behavior of recent mathmos wax

    Started by Arne in Collecting. Last reply by Arne Jul 30. 1 Reply

    A friend sent me a green/blue Astro bottle with the words "maybe you can fix it".He had added a bit of magmatower wax dye so it was a bit darker and when I got it the wax stuck to the glass. Not very much but enough to annoy me. so first I made some clear MF for it and then transferedthe contents to a clean bottle as this usually solves any sticking problems. Not this time. I made the transfer 3 times and it got worse amd worse untill I got so fed up with it that I decided to give up and pour…Continue

    Mathmos job lot collection includes new items York North Yorkshire UK £70 ono

    Started by Susan in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone Jul 30. 0 Replies

    MATHMOS 1990's Brushed Aluminium Astro Lava lamp with a beautifully flowing 90's violet-red bottle with is crystal clear fluid. Plus two more Mathmos Astro bottles which are both brand new, blue and pink and violet and red. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTRAS INCLUDED FREE 2 x yellow and orange Mathmos bottles, they fit the lamp in this sale. Both are new, however the wax did stick on the sides. Having run them five times now, they have not stuck…Continue

    My vintage lamp and what new lamps to buy?

    Started by Kay Gee in General Goo Jul 28. 0 Replies

    Hi to all! I joined this forum because info about lamps seems hard to find online and this seems like the best and most knowledgable group of folk on these cool lamps.  Thank you for sharing your expertise.  I actually bought the first lamp probably a decade or more ago on ebay as a gift for my mom, and we've enjoyed it greatly ever since.  Recently I picked up a couple 2000s lamps for cheap and realised how much lower quality they were to the old one.  Both also have a foggy water problem.So…Continue

    Tags: vintage, aristocrat

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    New (old) Aristocrat

    Posted by Jsmooth on March 21, 2022 at 4:07pm 2 Comments

    Hey you wonderful goo-loving sweeties! I just scored my first aristocrat off of ebay and am wondering if you could help me figure out a couple of things about it.

    1. Is the base rare? It seems to have a more stretched out…



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