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    60 Bottles Garage find - worth of each type ?

    Started by Lui in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Sam I am 8 hours ago. 11 Replies

    Hi could you please help me finding a price range for the bottles. It was a garage find. Iam not a collector or someone who knows about it. abc… Continue

    Mathmos: White wax / clear liquid - limited run!!!

    Started by perishingtardis in Collecting. Last reply by Critter 13 hours ago. 45 Replies

    Mathmos are doing a limited run of Astro bottles with white wax and clear liquid.FOR ONE DAY ONLY!!!! WEDNESDAY 1st JULYLIMITED RUN OF ASTRO WHITE BOTTLES FOR ONE DAY ONLY!Due to high demand from our collectors, we are offering Astro white bottles for one day only, next WEDNESDAY 1st JULY 2020.You will have until midnight to place your order on our websites and then the listings will be removed and we will fill the amount of orders placed only. No exceptions. This is a great opportunity for…Continue

    GLOBE WANTED: Capri, Mediterranean, Consort, Windsor

    Started by Jay Goo in Collecting. Last reply by Jay Goo 19 hours ago. 1 Reply

    Hello all!  I'm looking for a spare globe if anyone has one they are willing to part with.  Can be empty or filled I have no preference. Thanks!! Continue


    Started by Matt Gallimore in Collecting 19 hours ago. 0 Replies

    Hi boys and girlsI have for sale a 27" Lava Lamp Grande Aquarium. It is brand new and never been used. Even the lamp has the original labels fixed to it. As you know these are very rare and look amazing. It comes boxed with all fishes in a bag, power plug, even the original instructions. It is in great conditionI have attached photos at the bottom of this. Anyone who is interested can inbox me. I will ship to USA if needed :)…Continue

    Best way to display my Astros?

    Started by Matt Gallimore in Collecting. Last reply by Matt Gallimore yesterday. 2 Replies

    Hi GuysWondering whats the best way to display my Astros to give off the best look?Im thinking each Astro has its own enclosed space within a unit so that theres no reflection from one lamp to the other.Maybe with a spotlight highlighting them?Any Suggestions?Continue

    Mathmos items on sale

    Started by Sam I am in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone yesterday. 0 Replies

    Hello Mathmos friends, I have Mathmos items on sale, brand new in box. Some are super rare :) if you are Interested ? CONTACT METhanks Sam"Continue

    Tags: thaw, melt, ghost, poplight, minilamp

    Surfactants of choice and concentration

    Started by Aaron Rodgers in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Aaron Rodgers yesterday. 10 Replies

    So I've poured over SDS sheets, these forums and elsewhere. I know people have used SLS, SLES, and Triton x-100.Some are in flake form like SLS, SLES is most commonly found in 28% concentration and is like a goo when higher, while Triton is in 100% concentration and is very thick and clearly has to be diluted to be able to be added to the lava fluid and actually disperse. My question is, who out there is using these things, and in what concentrations? How much are you adding to a rebuild of a…Continue

    Anyone in the Toledo Ohio area? I Need a FAVOR.

    Started by Jay Goo in Collecting. Last reply by Jay Goo yesterday. 3 Replies

    Anyone in the Toledo Ohio area?  I am looking to buy a lamp, but the individual is confined to a wheel chair.  So, i would need someone to ship the lamp to me if there is any nice individual that would do me this huge favor? lol  Thanks! Continue

    Converting Mathmos Astro for USA

    Started by Brad in Problems & Questions. Last reply by James on Saturday. 30 Replies

    Hello,I recently ordered a Mathmos Astro blue/blue lamp and would like to know what I should do to use it here in the USA. It seems that my options are:1. use a UK-->US upconverter2. re-wire the lampIt cost me $120 to order this lamp, so I'm not really wanting to modify it this quickly. However, if I go with the adapter, what do I do when the bulb burns out? Do they sell replacement bulbs here in the USA that will work with the Astro? At that point, it seems that it would be better to…Continue

    Tags: conversion, adapter, wiring, UK, astro

    WTB - Purple Splotch

    Started by Sentrex in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Sentrex on Friday. 8 Replies

    Let me know if anyone has one that they would consider selling.Continue

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    Silver Century's spontaneous explosion

    Posted by benson41011 on June 18, 2020 at 5:00pm 1 Comment

    Went out to the store and left my Silver Century on. When I came back I was greeted with this:…


    Why I won't be buying any more lamps from Spencer's. Disclaimer: I'm not actually a Karen

    Posted by Rach on May 19, 2020 at 8:30pm 4 Comments

    I know what you're gonna say. I should have known better. I did know better. Any Lava brand lamp made post-2003 is dicey at best. Well, I'm happy to report that I've actually had pretty good luck with purchasing new 17" lamps. I picked up a…


    One Last Thing Before I Go.

    Posted by Rach on May 16, 2020 at 2:25pm 2 Comments

    I would like to thank Mark Goo personally for creating this amazing community, because I am now able to write in-depth about my sudden addiction to 90s-early 2000s lava lamps, the weirdest manifestation of quarantine stress that my brain could…


    Your book

    Posted by Thomas on May 16, 2020 at 1:56pm 1 Comment

    I am ready to buy your book soon titled lava life


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