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    Carol and Reece Winners!!!!????

    Started by Critter in Collecting. Last reply by Carol 2 hours ago. 13 Replies

    Saw this just a few minutes ago on the Magma Tower Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/MagmaTowerCritterContinue

    Collection Sellout

    Started by Rodrigo in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott 10 hours ago. 14 Replies

    Hello everyone, its been some time since i was an active poster here but i come and check things out every now and then. Anyway, I picked up a new hobby a little over a year ago that takes much more of my time and attention than Lava Lamps and so I have been putting my lamps away little by little and only keeping a few out.I decided it is time to sell out most of what i have and i figured i would use ebay but it may be worth to post here before to see if anyone is interested in some before they…Continue

    White/Clear .. Is this what I think it is?

    Started by analoghaze in Collecting. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott 10 hours ago. 16 Replies

    A good few of you know that I live close to Lava Lite headquarters.Long story short, I found a man selling his entire collection of 11 lamps.He worked at Lava Lite for many years.In the collection was this globe:It is white wax with crystal clear liquid.The cap has Lava Lite on the top, but no markings at all. (No numbers or date code)The Lava Lite words are in red with a white cap.The weird thing is that the Lava Lite logo is embosses. It has…Continue


    Started by Reece in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott 10 hours ago. 1 Reply

     Selling most of my collection to raise money for this winter's ski season, yes, I am a HUGE skier. I do it  every year and have done it for years as because of how awesomely close I live to the mountains. Here is a list of every lamp I am selling or considering selling, and price ranges for each of them. Most of these are probably on ebay as well. ALL OUR FREE SHIPPING!!           Icon Series Lava LampsDiablo, run once to test and comes with box, no chips or cracks, MINT…Continue

    Fast & Slow Glitter Formulas Discovered! Glitter Liquid for Sale!

    Started by Kirk in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Kirk 19 hours ago. 515 Replies

    After a long time,  I finally found blue and green dyes that are stable!  Here are the new blue and green colors that are now most definitely stable in both the slow and fast liquid.  They are gorgeous!My obsession with glitter lamps has reached new heights, folks. As many of you know, I’ve been experimenting and trying to…Continue

    Tags: Florence Art, Heat Tapes, Mastercrafters, Slow Glitter, Glitter

    Saving a lamp any help?

    Started by Joey "Dirtypawz" Huck in Problems & Questions yesterday. 0 Replies

    trying to save a neon yellow lava globe it showed up to me broken via usps and i put it in distilled water and warmed it up its all a solid again but the dish soap and salt isnt working any help please ?

    New neon batch

    Started by Autumn in Collecting. Last reply by Kaity Sullivan yesterday. 102 Replies

    Spencers now has their new batch of neon lamps. The first one I bought I returned before I even left the mall because it was cloudy, but the second one was only very slightly cloudy. The lamp does clear up when running fortunately and the flow is also very active. It may not be like the 90's lamps with lots of stretchy blobs, but I feel that with the amount of activity in these lamps it is forgivable. I plan on picking up a neon yellow and a blue/red tonight. I will post photos of them in the…Continue

    scored a neon green 52oz

    Started by Kaity Sullivan in Collecting. Last reply by Claude J yesterday. 11 Replies

    i was so scared because my last ebay lava lamp purchase went bad, but i scored this one for $17 and luckily the cool weather and prompt shipping saved me some heartache cause its perfect!!!Continue

    First Lava Lamp Problem

    Started by Gabriel in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Keith yesterday. 9 Replies

    Hi everyone,I have always wanted to have a lava lamp and today I got my first one. After purchasing it, I left it for a couple of hours to adjust to room temperature and it has now been plugged in for 2 hours. I know that it is supposed to run for around 5 hours the first time around but I'm just a bit concerned because there doesn't seem to be much activity. The wax seems to have slided to a side and seems to be stagnating there. Is this normal for a first run or is there something wrong? Is…Continue

    Lava Lite's Black Friday Sale

    Started by Critter in Collecting. Last reply by Critter yesterday. 3 Replies

    It starts now and goes through Friday. 30% off the entire online store and free shipping over $50 bucks.Promo Code:  HOTNOV2015Continue

    Blog Posts

    crestworth princess rocket

    Posted by darren kernachan on November 11, 2015 at 12:27pm 5 Comments

    hi I am selling my crestworth princess as I didn't realise how rare it is but after searching for a few days I have realised how special this is.I have 4 small children and a dog and isn't wise to keep it.The stand has been cut at the bottom from…


    ah ah ah ah...

    Posted by IdOrU 02 on November 9, 2015 at 9:30pm 0 Comments

    picked up this lunar on ebay uk at £1950 if I'm not wrong... is there anybody left with some sense ?

    Silver lava

    Posted by Paulb on August 27, 2015 at 4:41pm 2 Comments

    Hi Everyone I wondered if anyone know how to make silver lava?I have a goo kit and I really want to have the lava silver,I'll be really happy to get some advise.
    Many thanks.Paulb


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