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    Brand New Lava Lamp Not Flowing

    Started by Joseph in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Joseph 20 hours ago. 12 Replies

    So yesterday i bought a clear water/ purple wax Premier 16.3'' lava lamp. Plugged it in at around 4pm and left it running throughout the night.The wax expanded but never actually flowed. Around Midnight it started to have some float up and down, but a lot collected at the top and never actually came back down. So i went to sleep and that is where i left it.Woke up this morning, around 6am, and the lava lamp was still doing the same thing, a very slow flow with a lot of wax collected at the top…Continue

    GEL WAX lava goo

    Started by GRUM in General Goo. Last reply by GRUM yesterday. 5 Replies

    I have used GEL WAX  to make lava goo, using the perc and epsom salt way , you can do the melting in the lava bottle and when it cools it stays as a liquid due to the perc content , when you start to  pour the water into the lava lamp bottle, you SHOULD see the COOL  liquid GEL WAX  staying under the water (IF NOT empty the water / reheat / add a bit more perc / cool and try again.Once you have the GEL WAX not floating , fill bottle  3/4  with water , turn lamp on heat up the water and then…Continue

    Spammers - someone bothering you? Post here

    Started by Erin in OG Network Talk yesterday. 0 Replies

    We've had a few spammers lately and some members do not know best how to get a hold of a mod. Unfortunately, I think you have to "friend" someone to message them. I know that can be a pain, so we'll just post info here so spammers can be taken care of quickly.If you've been getting bothersome messages from someone, please post their ID/page here and we'll take a look and see if the account needs to be suspended. Known spammers: Stella Kwale and Frank Kwabena. I am sure these aren't even real…Continue

    Tags: accounts, junk, troll, spammers, spam

    Photography Fair

    Started by VOXul in Off Topic. Last reply by VOXul on Thursday. 624 Replies

    So I thought... We have a great music thread, random topic thread and various lava/glitter/fiber/rain/plasma/wave/motion image threads. I think we need one to support general photography, unique images and moving pictures (e.g. gifs and other things that move). Maybe it will be a quiet thread maybe it will get rowdy. I could be talking to myself here! Post images that move you, excite you, make you laugh maybe even cry! Express with imagery!Continue

    Tags: Beautiful, Exciting, Bizarre, Unusual, Animation

    Seeking Ceramic Caps

    Started by Sentrex in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone on Wednesday. 0 Replies

    Grabbed two ceramic series  at an auction but when they shipped the lamps the packaging was for crap and both caps broke... so utterly disappointing to hear the shattered ceramic upon arrival.... box is mint, bases are still intact, globes are shot to hell with rust... I just wish they had packed the caps correctly (sigh)I know it's a long shot but would be interested in any similar ceramic caps if anyone has them.Continue

    Help Identifying Glitter Lamp?

    Started by Sentrex in Collecting. Last reply by Sentrex on Wednesday. 2 Replies

    Picked up what appears to be a "Loren" glitter lamp with the #8 on it that appears to be signed by dale Earnhardt for $20 today.Are these lamps any good? Have read the boards here but can't really find too much on the original lamp manufacturer? Looks like Loren imported them is all I can tell.Thanks.Continue

    What color do you think this is? Aristocrat?

    Started by Ethel in Collecting. Last reply by Keith on Monday. 1 Reply

    Just wondering, what color is this? Creme?Continue

    Lava Lite Executive on Sale on Ebay

    Started by Syriin in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Claude J on Monday. 1 Reply

    Just came across an Executive in what looks like beautiful condition on Ebay, and though I would let you guys know.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1960s-Lava-Lamp-Custom-Walnut-Executive-Desk-Model-Pen-Holder-/131847358255?hash=item1eb2b7072f:g:vt8AAOSwjXRXX39xThere is a link.…Continue

    Tags: nordic, ebay, consort, executive

    Preliminary steps on a large project to share with my friends...

    Started by Jeff Neely in Collecting. Last reply by Claude J Jun 19. 1 Reply

    Friends,So a short while back I posted a link to craigslist which had a Humongo listed for over five grand. Long story short, no one was interested so I called and made an offer and, a couple headaches and eleven hundred after shipping later, I have a fourth one sitting in the living room.The other three we have are pristine but this one is not without problems. The first time I ran it, the pressure in the bottle blew the cap off which was a first for me so I am now stuck with an open bottle.…Continue

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    Shipping Instructions to Send Sellers

    Posted by Deb on April 11, 2016 at 12:04am 0 Comments

    Just reposting instructions I like to send sellers when I purchase a lamp that's traveling via USPS etc. I'm posting as originally written by Weebotech. I modify it a bit as per my lamp situation.

    I just did a search here to copy it again…


    My NEW Grande isnt so well..GRAND....

    Posted by Chad M. Schieberl on January 13, 2016 at 12:22pm 12 Comments

    It's been awhile, but I really could use all the expert opinions that are available here.....Would anyone care to answer a few for me?

    First a little back story...

    I purchased this Christmas 2015 a Lava Grande from Amazon, in a…



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