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    New Lava Lineup

    Started by Dr. WHAT?! in Collecting. Last reply by Cowmatian 11 hours ago. 143 Replies

    Saw this on facebook, they didn't do a good job showing this "tricolored hand painted globe" looks like a regular old pink/white. Not sure how I feel about this one either.…Continue

    Colossus Lamps available!

    Started by Charlie in Collecting. Last reply by Stephanie 19 hours ago. 1093 Replies

    Found oozinggoo.com when I was looking for ways to repair the Grande I picked up at CostCo a few years ago.  It's one of the Chinese made ones that has gone extremely cloudy and ceased to flow (going to try replacing the fluid one of these weekends). It was here that I found out about really big Lava lamps.  I was bowled over by videos of the  Colossus lamps and really want to see if I could get one, I couldn't find them available anywhere so I wrote LavaLite.  I wanted to let this group know…Continue


    Started by Daniele in Collecting. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott yesterday. 4 Replies

    HI to everybody.First of all I'd like you to confirm what I understood: that golden centuries are rarer than silver ones.Then the following:Is there some combinations of colors that are rare than others among the centuries?whwere I can find a catalogue of the century color combos?How rarer are the midnight centuries compared to the golden centuries?are the centuries rarer than the aristocrats (gold)?byeContinue

    My 50th Anniversary Giant.

    Started by Todd Miller in Collecting. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott yesterday. 22 Replies

    I ordered this over the 4th of July weekend and it arrived onTuesday the 7th.!!! Factory packing is very good & protected.Mine shipped from Chicago area to midwest Iowa.  Only one dayFedEx !  Warming up now... See pic's…Continue

    i got my first glitter wizard today!! a few questions

    Started by Kaity Sullivan in Collecting. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott yesterday. 3 Replies

    so i totally scored my first glitter wizard on ebay for $15.50!! i'm so excited, i've been wanting one for a while but i could always only find them on the kinda expensive side so i was glad to have snagged it for so cheap! its in really good condition too. it says 33W on the cap.so i had a few questions. the lamp is purple and i'm wondering about the color light that it puts out? is it more of a pinky purple color or true purple? i know its always hard to know the true color when you just see…Continue

    50th Anniv. globe cracked.

    Started by SpartyGalRN in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Carol on Sunday. 16 Replies

    I apologize if this has been posted before, I didn't really come across anything when I searched the site and I'm a newbie.So I broke down and bought a 52 oz. 50th Anniversary lava lamp from lavalamp.com. It shipped in a day and arrived in great condition aside from some was that rubbed off on the inside of the globe. I have it on a timer so I know that it only runs for 8 hours. I was really happy with it, it was clear and the flow was great. I have been running it everyday for a week. Today I…Continue

    52oz clear/red midnight century

    Started by dave p. in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone on Sunday. 0 Replies

    I have a very nice, almost mint Midnight Century for sale. 52oz clear/red globe which is crystal clear, great flow. Nice base with no dents or dings. Overall great shape and displays nicely! Thinning the collection down some more. Pics upon request. simplicity717man@yahoo.comThank You!Continue

    Selling a few lamps

    Started by Arne in Collecting. Last reply by Arne on Friday. 10 Replies

    Since I feel kts getting a bit too much but want to keep on getting lamps to make some customs I am letting some lamps go. If you find any lamps you like on the newer pictures (metallic lunar is looong gone) just contact me and we'll see if we can figure something out where both are happy with.not goin at this time are : steel jet, sconce cosmos and red swirl comet anything else is negotiable.Continue

    Wax Emulsified At Top Of Lamp ~

    Started by David Watersun in Collecting. Last reply by Brad on Thursday. 4 Replies

    I just purchased a 27-inch lamp, with the wax emulsified, and stuck at top of lamp ...I have tried to reheat the wax, to get it re-formed into a homogenous glob,but the 100watt lamp does not melt the wax at top of lamp ...Should I try a hair-dryer to melt the wax ?Thanks for your advice !!!David WatersunWatersun Photographyemail: watersun@maui.netstudio: 808.878.3318Continue

    Blog Posts

    Help me identify this lamp

    Posted by Tyler on July 20, 2015 at 8:38pm 7 Comments

    A customer at my work returned a Lava Lamp that is not one I sell but was inside the new special edition lamp with the white base and purple liquid. I was hoping someone here could help me identify the lamp I now have and where it possibly came from… Continue

    The Fun Of Fixing Part One: Choose The Right Lamp

    Posted by Markus The Weltron on May 20, 2015 at 3:56pm 2 Comments

    Sometimes you have a thought...

    A thought like "uh, wouldn't it be nice to have a new friend?"…


    ISO Century replacement glass

    Posted by Goo_therapy on March 31, 2015 at 11:27pm 1 Comment

    I have a classic "Century" that cracked. Anyone selling a replacement or a good flowing, used one?

    Lava lamp sound wave machine original and brand new

    Posted by Benn merrett on March 11, 2015 at 6:38pm 0 Comments

    Hi all,

    Quite new to this site.

    I've just started selling off some of my collections and have one item left that I no longer need .

    It's a lava wave machine all original and only checked/been out of the box twice from new to make sure… Continue


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