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    Fastest way to get Astro/Astro Baby flowing US

    Started by i0nz in Problems & Questions. Last reply by i0nz 8 hours ago. 8 Replies

    I just received the two Mathmos lamps below and I'd like to get them flowing today. I live in Salt Lake City, UT and was curious if anybody knew of a store which would likely have the necessary converter needed? I've searched a bit online but I'm not seeing anything available nearby and it appears that the soonest I could receive the $30 converter off of Amazon would be Monday. All of the bases have 3 prong plugs.Any tips or pointers are greatly appreciated. …Continue

    Heritage Grande Wanted

    Started by Wanda Woman in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Wanda Woman 11 hours ago. 4 Replies

    I have a pink and a green of the Heritage Grandes. I have a clear yellow Grande globe I display with the two Heritages. My OCD would like the bases to match. I would buy a complete Heritage Grande or just the base if anybody is looking to purge :)Continue

    What USA bulb to use in a stock Mathmos Astro Baby

    Started by Bill Baylor in Problems & Questions on Sunday. 0 Replies

    Hi, I just ordered my first Mathmos lamp for here in the USA. Its an Astro Baby lamp and im wondering what bulb I could buy here that would work in it without having to change all the internals. I know I could buy a step up voltage converter but I would much rather just change the bulb to work with 110. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!Continue


    Started by Carol in Off Topic. Last reply by CatalinaThePirate on Saturday. 30 Replies

    I got an email today in my personal email from a "supposedly" member named Frank Kwabena saying he needs me to contact him about something and that he left a message on my Oozing Goo wall.  I thought this to be strange as new members do not send emails like to to members so I did a little research.  Turns out it is a VIRUS!!! DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!!!!  I WILL BE NOTIFYING THE MODS OF THIS JUST IN CASE THEY WANT TO ALSO POST A WARNING UP!!!P.S.  The weird thing is he goes through social…Continue

    WTB century base

    Started by jeff in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Blind Faith on Saturday. 9 Replies

    Hi fellow lava heads!Been lurking here for a while as I built my collection up, but finally needed to post as I'm looking for a part. I recently picked up a slightly pre-90's (I think) century off of craigslist. It's in good shape overall, and looks good from the outside. But the base, specifically the bottom plate that's steel, is rusted badly. It doesn't effect the function of the lamp, for now, but it might eventually given that the bulb mounts to the rusted plate and might fail at some…Continue

    Collection for Sale

    Started by Joe in Collecting. Last reply by Mike Panzer Nov 28. 8 Replies

    Hello All,Selling most of my collection but I will not ship, local pickup only. I reside in the SW suburbs of Chicago. I am also selling a lava lamp shaped display that was used at Spencers several years ago. The display holds about 20 or 25 32 ounce lamps. Most of the collection are 32 oz lamps, some NOS. Please email me if you have any interest.Continue

    Need Mathmos 35W Screw-Filling Halogen Bulb

    Started by Jim in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Mark Nov 28. 6 Replies

    I live in the United States and bought my Mathmos Lave Lamp from a re-seller on eBay, as Mathmos UK will not sell their products including replacement bulbs to anyone outside the UK. I need a replacement bulb and I can't find the person on eBay who sold me the lamp. I've searched eBay and I'm not finding the specific type of bulb I need. The description from the Mathmos UK site is: "35W - Astro Lava lam- - Screw fitting halogen bulb - Replacement 35W e14 SES screw fitting bulb for Astro lava…Continue

    Geyser lamp for sale or trade

    Started by Kaden John Snyder in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Kaden John Snyder Nov 26. 2 Replies

    Local pick up only I live in the Tampa Bay area offer me a price or trade if you have any questions or want more pictures just ask.Continue

    20 y.o. Grande Ain't What it Used to Be...

    Started by D. Carney in Problems & Questions. Last reply by D. Carney Nov 26. 6 Replies

    Hi all!I joined this forum after researching what to do about my 20 year old Grande just not performing like it used to.It's red wax/clear liquid. The liquid has taken on a little of the red (still clear though) and the wax just doesn't flow like it used to. It sends up small blobs, but the big blobs no longer appear.I've tried relocating, new/different bulbs to no avail.I just got a new Grande (red/yellow) and that one performs normally in the same spot.I'm looking at the Goo Kits at…Continue

    Blog Posts

    SAVOY !!!!

    Posted by JohnL on October 20, 2019 at 8:00pm 8 Comments

    Found this today, it is showing signs of…


    Mathmos Factory visit pt 2

    Posted by Modulo '70 on October 5, 2019 at 4:30pm 0 Comments

    Wow! Almost 10 years to the day since our last visit, this time to their premises on an industrial estate, unit 2 at Poole in sunny Dorset. We were lucky enough to go to the original Sterte Avenue West premises back in September…


    Looking for a very specific Lava Lamp and willing to pay $$$

    Posted by Eric Aguirre on September 28, 2019 at 4:30am 1 Comment

    Hello everyone, I hope I'm posting this to the right forum right now, just found out about this site, while on a mission.

    If anyone see's this torchiere Lava lamp, and are willing to sell, I am more than willing to buy it off someone,…


    Glitter Graphics - Rolls Royce details

    Posted by Pharos on April 4, 2019 at 7:09am 1 Comment

    Have you noticed how often you see the Rolls Royce Glitter Graphic shown with a blank area where the…



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