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shouldn't there be a sticky for this topic? i can't find any info on this site. i need to know when to add color to the goo.

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I have used Lava Louie supplies. I melted the plain white goo in a glass. The goo turned clear when in liquid form. The color dye was also made of wax and I added the color when the goo was melted. Add the color in small bits until you get the color you want. This worked well for me.

thanks for the reply. so is it best to make water or oil based liquid? unrelated kind of...if i have a globe that is cloudy but the wax is good. do i need to rinse out the bottle once the cloudy liquid is out?
also, after to add the color, i asume you let the wax get cold? does it mix in well or do you have to stur it??

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