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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Louie's right hand man and Director of Operations for Magma Tower (our commercial lamp company). I see that a lot of you have questions for Louie and he is not readily available and Michelle is very busy with her company RSG and sometimes doesn't have the time for our Goo Kits. So I am going to try to make myself regularly available for all of your questions. I am very excited about being introduced to this site and meeting all of you that share my passion for these mesmerizing lamps. Talk to you soon...


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Thank you for the warm welcome. We can do a fluorescent pink but a day glow purple would be hard. I will play around and see how light we can make purple. We don't make metallic looking wax. Our wax is a very special formula and the metallic die will compromise the integrity. Our wax is lighter than any other already and becomes active under much less heat. If you want to get it going fast I recommend using a dimmer switch on your lamp once you replace it with our goo. Turn in up all the way until it starts to bubble (be sure to watch it and not just leave it on full blast) As soon as it starts bubbling you can dim it down.

I will post the instructions on our goo kit in a JPG soon. It is a very easy process. We do ship internationally it just costs a lil more.

We can make white and black. The Goo Kit is being redesigned to be more user friendly and will not come with large dye packs inside. If you have already received a kit with dye packs then just use an extremely small amount of the color you want and work your way up. The old dye packs are very concentrated. For instance with the blue you will only need .02 grams for a quart which is the size of a tip of a sharpened pencil. The yellow can be a little more because of the lightness of the color. Like I said just start small and work up. You can also add the color to the lamp while it is active if you want to adjust it. Just mix in and let cycle for 24 hours...


We've herad great stuff about louie's products.
I'm wondering to get a fes sets from a while now... I know you send worldwide , I already got the info :)
what about possibility to color the master fluid...
Hi Jonny, It's good that someone from lava lourie can help us. Im after a purple wax with purple liquid Can this be made. Also Do you post worldwide and do you have the web adress for lava lourie can't find it on youtube thanks john
You can change the master liquid with any fully water based coloring. As long as it is fully water based the dye will only affect the water and not the oil based wax. Make sure it's distilled water though cause most dye's will bring out the impurities in tap water. Also, make sure you go little by little. You can always add more but you can't take it out.

We have not experimented with thermochromatic pigments or two tone. We use a very special dye recipe for our Goo and its pretty set on 1 color at a time. If you are interested in a multi-color lamp check out www.magmatower.com

We can make Goo that stays translucent. It is just a lighter color. If you end up mixing the color in yourself when you get a kit, just start with a very little amount of color and when you get the right color to translucent ratio you are happy with you just close up the lamp. I add little by little as it is in full flow and let the color cycle in. The Goo kits are being revised to be much more user friendly right now and will be around $30. If you want to order in the next couple weeks you just place your order and let me know the color you want. If the color isn't possible I will let you know the closest color we can do.

My lamps all have different personalities. Some like to stretch into a column or "Magma" as I like to call it. Some like to create small chaotic bubbles. Some even do both. As far as warm up times go, I keep most of my lamps on 24/7. If I turn one off and back on I usually turn the dimmer switch all the way up for a few minutes and then adjust it down when the wax melts.

We only provide the Goo and not the coloring to color the water. I posted in here how to color the water if you choose to do so. We do ship international and the website is www.lavalouie.com

Jonny. I have a couple of question for you.

1) Do you have any experience with plexiglass? Can it withstand the heat / cleansing agent?
2) What radius / height ratio of the cylinder do you recommend when building your own lavalamp?
3) Do you have any experience using an integrated heat source like for example a pcb water heater (http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/pcb_heater/pcb_heater_en.php) instead of a flood lamp for bottom heat.
This way you don't need the big bulb compartment beneath the lamp but you will need an alternate light source. I am very tempted to use flourescent pigment and an UV tube for illumination.
Also when the heat souce is located inside the tube rather than below it power consumption should be reduced as all the heat from the pcb heater is transferred to the inside of the tube whereas the light bulb heater dissipates heat through the sides of the bulb compartment.
4) Have you tried using double glazed glass? This would enable one to make a much taller lamp I would think. It might distort the "image" though.
5) Is the heating coil you are using custom made? I have been searching the web for something similar but haven't found anything.
6) I've found one picture of your flourescent goo with UV lighting applied here: http://www.thelavacave.com/photo/blacklight-goo?context=user Do you have more photos of flourescent goo with UV lighting applied? Preferrably of your big lamps (MT-200, MT-270)

1) We haven't experimented with plexiglass. We use all pyrex or borosilicates.
2) I recommend going no smaller than a 3 inch radius and no taller than 24-25 inch height. The width all depends on how many bulbs you use to produce heat.
3) We have new technology we will be releasing soon.
4) We already make 7 foot tall lamps. You want bigger? We can go bigger :)
5) Our heating coil is custom patented technology that is exclusive to our lamps only.
6) We will be releasing pictures of our new high tech lamps soon.

I hope you understand I can't give away any secrets. I assure you that our new lamps we will be releasing will blow you away. They revolutionize this whole industry.

Can you make white goo with your kit?

Yes. White is one of my favorites. It makes the lamps look classy.

I have a couple of questions. What does the white lava look like? Can you make teal lava, deep, rich, teal? How rich can the blue lava be made? Lastly, how is the flow?


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