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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Louie's right hand man and Director of Operations for Magma Tower (our commercial lamp company). I see that a lot of you have questions for Louie and he is not readily available and Michelle is very busy with her company RSG and sometimes doesn't have the time for our Goo Kits. So I am going to try to make myself regularly available for all of your questions. I am very excited about being introduced to this site and meeting all of you that share my passion for these mesmerizing lamps. Talk to you soon...


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Thanks, guys!

Has anyone run the Lava Louie Goo in the original Lava Lite "USA" made clear liquid?

I'm wondering how the Lava Louie wax would flow with lava lamp liquid instead of the distilled water called for in the Goo instructions...?
why do you want to use the liquid of the original lamp ?
Well, the original liquid I have (250 oz. worth) is super clear and rare.
I'd hate to see it go to waste if in fact it could be used in this application...
Was the clear liquid from a grande?
I have a like question I filtered a lamp and now the goo doesn't flow very good. Has anyone tried to add their "surfactant" to a dead lamp to bring back ?
My liquid is not from a Grande, it's from a Giant.
Hmm. Want to get rid of it?
If it doesn't work well with the Lava Louie Goo, then most likely yes...
I would like to know what the surfactant is doing in the lamp.
How does a lava louie lamp work without the surfactant ?
Our surfactant is formulated to keep the lamp from clouding up and keeps the wax from sticking to the glass. Your lamp will not run but a day without adding surfactant.
What would it cost to get the kit for three Grande lamps incl. shipping to Germany ? :)

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