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I had a really cool idea last night while I was watching tv. I came up with two new collections. One called Faux Wood and one called Formica.

The Faux Wood collection is a throwback to the 60's/70's. The Formica collection is a throwback to the 50's/60's.

I have only done the Faux Wood to give you an idea of what they would look like. Granted these are really harsh images. Any final product would look more 3D, crisper and vibrant. The colors are Avacado, Harvest Gold and Mustard. I was thinking a brown be a fourth color. The base and cap would resemble the old style wood paneling used during the era. The dark, fake wood. The liquid would be clear and the wax would be the above colors.

The Formica collection would consist of gloss white bases and caps. The liquid would be clear and the wax would one of four colors. White, light pink, light blue and pale yellow.

The Faux Wood collection is in my photo gallery and I have uploaded them here as well.

Let me know what you all think. I think something like this would be really sweet honestly.

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I think that would look great! My first thought is, do they still make wood-grain contact paper, and is it heat tolerant? It may not be easy to apply though.
make some "atomic boomarang" lookin formica lamps.........would contact paper stay on a lamp if it got hot?
They can make high heat applications. Contact paper would not stay attached sadly. It is possible and the same process would be used that was used to make the safari collection. You know, the Zebra, Snake, Cheetah bases/caps? Same thing.

Making them out of wood would be neat, but dangerous. A HUGE fire hazard.

I would think having the boomerang, stars, atomik designs on the base and cap would also be cool. It would be neat to have a SPUTNIK dedicated lamp too.
thanks for using my photo...
chad - I left you a comment about using your photo. My apologies for not mentioning it here.. I thought I did.

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