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After reading alot oF posts here is it fair to say that there is a new formula for these lamps?

I have a few of the older china ones and they are nothing more than pea shooters.

I do really want to buy more but I dont want the disapointment . Please help or should I go with Heritage?

Does anybody or can someone post some images of the new grandes caps showing the codes for the purple/yellow?

I need to to compare those codes to mine to be sure I am getting the new formula. 




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I'm at work now, but will post pictures when I get home.  I got one from Spencers online (Purple/yellow) about 3-4 weeks ago.  It's the best LL lamp I've seen.  The glass is great, liquid is perfectly clear, and the flow is fantastic.  

I got a blue/green one from Target a week ago, and it was so cloudy I could not see my hand on the other side of the glass.  I never even turned it on, just returned it straight away.  I'm planning to try one more grande in hopes of matching the quality of the first one.

Ok thanks Brian that is a big help. Different codes. Perhaps a refined wax? I wonder what the "B1" stands for?

I looked on the Grande box and I guess I had bought this new in 2003! Time isa flyin'. But I really never ran it all that much.

Now its a Grande Pea Shooter.

Did you purchase online from Spencer's?     


I did purchase online from spencers.  Due to the sale at Target, I just ordered another grande from Target.

Now if you are unhappy with the Grande online purchase can you return to a store?

yup, both spencers and target are great about it

Uff I just got two grandes from target, one of each combo and both are craptacularly cloudy worst than the two cloudy recently obtained from lava lite

When will I learn

My Grande lava lamp from TARGET arrived clear as day. I was surprised and pleased.

its a roll of the dice.  the only truly clear grandes i have ever received were the two heritage (green and the red) i got a year ago.  I've had a couple bad cloudy ones that LL still has not replaced and last year a couple that arrived a little cloudy but did eventually clear up enough to make you think "ok i can live with that".  Every 52 oz and below i ever got by mail came cloudy... dozens of em.  <insert curses here>

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