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I dont know what lamps I have how do I tell one from the other?

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Ok taking pics today .Then I have to figure out how to send them.
Okay, take the pics, upload them to your computer. Then log on here, post in this thread & click the little camera icon... that will let you pic which pictures to include in your post. It's that easy! If you have any questions, just ask, hon. We're here to help every fellow Goo Head!
Another questrian, I would like to bid on a silver lamp with white wax it looks like a silver streak but they on ebay are calling it a retro bomb and no one is bidding on it? Makes me wonder why ? Because I was quickly out bid on another one just like it a couple days ago.
Me again I am new to computers soo please be kind ,the seller item is 150443178939 seller abc 3296-955

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