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How long can you safely leave A lava lamp on for 6hours ?

Can anyone tell the longest they have left a lava lamp on for and is it safe And will not explode?

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It probably makes sense not to leave them on for longer than 6 hours. Unless you have one with a dimmer that is. Helps keep the bottle in good nic too I guess.
I run my lamps for about 4 hours 5 the max
Thanks I nornally only run my mathmos lamps for about 6 hours or less. I did leave one on one night when i was tired and feel asleep. Thanks bohdan for advise about the metallics i run mine now off a 30w bulb.
I know of one that was ran for at least 3 months continuously without problems. It ran somewhat hot (lava at the top) but never clouded up. That is certainly NOT recommended!!
With the Mathmos Astro Lamps we recommend a max 7hours. Also let it cool down fully before turning it on again!
I wouldn't run my lamps for more than 10 hours although I have done before (falling asleep) but to no ill-effect, as long as you don't do this too regularly. I read here once that an ex-member ran a Mathmos Telstar for 3 years continuously! All the lava turned white apparently.

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