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I take it that teal is a hard color to come by?


Seems the bidding indicates its a rare color?

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Yes - rarer every day. However, that's cheap. Be happy if it does not go over $65. :)
The problem with teal = clear fluid when cold hazy when running like in the picture. I have 3 teals and all run that way so in my opinion not worth having, I never run them as I only like running water clear lamps.
You should see about replacing the fluid with Loui's surfactant and new water. See how that does.

I have a teal and it's crystal clear when running. My cranberry on the other hand is another story. Lol.
I just bought this one for $4 plus $10.35 shipping. It's cloudy as hell but I plan to get one of those filter devices soon and thought I'd experiment on this.

I have another teal which isn't crystal clear either, but it's far from that cloudy mess. If that device works I'll just resell one.
How in the world did you get that for 3.99? Lol. Really nice find bud.
Thanks... :O) I have no clue. I couldn't believe nobody bid on it but I guess no one wanted such a cloudy lamp.?
I'm going to be doing some Louie surfactant testing with USA made LL 32z that are cloudy. I'll be dumping the LL fluid and replacing with distilled water and Louie surfactant. This is going to be the way to go. I'll be making a forum post of my experience with pics when done. I'll also be filling empty LL 32z bottles with Louie goo, distilled water and surfactant. You cannot beat the vibrance of Louie colors and terrific flow sequences. It is such a superior goo to anything we have been accustomed to in every way.

The Min filters are expensive and the gunk in the fluid clogs the ceramic filter, (China lamp fluid is full of tiny noseeum bits of wax, USA's won't clog up so bad). I dropped one filter and pressure cracked another and replacement filters are $45 including shipping. Filtering is a serious pain in the buttocks I don't care what anyone tells ya. The Louie way is 8-10 ml of surfactant poured into a quart of distilled water, put in the bottle. Done in under a minute.

Watch for a new forum post late this weekend after my first experiments.

Ya it went for more than I wanted to spend... congrats... the lamps that are real special ALWAYS get
the good prices, then the people with the run of the mill ones are confused that their lamps don't even come
close on price.
thanks for all these pics Bhodan. You are the best for seeing lamps I'd NEVER get a chance to look at otherwise.

That's how my teal looks. I am thankful mine came with it's original box which cushioned the $65 dollar price I paid. It was worth it in the long run.

My Cranberry on the other hand is a lava lamp from hell. Lol.
If you have a teal or cranberry that is cloudy it will clear if you leave it alone. I have had cranberrys that were cloudy but would be crystal clear when hot, I let them sit for 4 months without moving them AT ALL and they are still clear to this day. I have also had the teals that get cloudy when hot but are crystal clear when cold. There were some odd problems with these lamps but nothing time could not fix.

The shade of the teals did change slightly over the years, I have 6 total in 3 different shades. Below are from left to right....2000, 2001(never ran), 2001(never ran) and 1995. I have another two from 1997 that are lighter color then the other years, the one from 1995 is the darkest. Its kind of hard to tell from the pics..

That teal looks very nice. Looks like I missed the boat on getting decent lava lamps when they were new.

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