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I would like to have a go at painting a astro baby base.

Never tried anything like this, but would like to have a go, so would be glad of any hints or ideas to help.

Do I need to sand paper the base first?

What paint do I use?

Will radiator paint do?

Do I need to coat the paint afterwards?

Sorry about all the questions but have no idea how to do it.

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I have a little experience painting Lava Lite bases, so take this with a grain of salt. I don't sand my bases, but I've heard if you do, it helps. Use a very fine grit sandpaper. 


I've just used Rustoleum. Nothing high heat or anything like that. I figure I've used that stuff on chairs that sit outside in the sun and bake, so it'll do for Lava Lite bases as well. 


I don't coat my paint afterwards. Didn't see the need. 

Just remember to do a few light coats, keep the spray paint can moving at all times and stay about 12" away from what you're painting. Too much paint applied in one area = drips. I've made that mistake a few times. ;)


Good luck! 

Thank you.
This is a good question as i'm seriously thinking of doing a paint job on a scratched Astro I have. I think it would look nice with a glossy finish maybe in orange or perhaps blue.

I have painted a fue bases - some tips:

- I use Plastickotie super enamial as this is often the most cost effective (if using the small cans) and is thicker then Rustoleum as I find that tends to run if your not carefull.

- Wrap PVC tape around the cable - up to the switch or plug to stop it getting painted. (Using pvc tape is good as its easy to use and leaves no resudue on the cable).

- Put newspaper or cardbord down and paint outside as spray paint can go everywere.

- Erins right - do many light coats and not one big one otherwize the paint will run.

- Using newspaper, sisors and tape you can create stencels which can look verry cool.

- This link to plastickotie has lots of more info http://www.plasti-kote.co.uk/Inspire


TBH I think this should be a topic in the lava libeary

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