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Okay guys, remember I am a noob so go easy on me.

I was looking at an auction on ebay where someone listed a vintage aristocrat for sale with an empty bottle and mentioned something about Kirks Glitter.

So, I looked at some photos on this site and people have made some nice things with Kirks Glitter.

I think this is a cool way to use a lamp that a person does not want to re-goo (hahaha) if it doesn't work right. I see potential to make some cool lamps and possible give some to friends, etc.

So, what is it? Where can one get it? Is it an easy process once a bottle is cleaned of crappy or non working good? Are there different types and colors? What's the difference between fast and slow.

Fill a noob in please :)

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Yeah I saw that too-See current chat

Kirk has such a wide variety of glitter its impossible to mention them all here\

I lost track of how many lamps I have glitterized including two Grandes and once upon a time, a Lunar

Check my photos for additional pics of finished product

Professional, proficient, expedient, and affordable, there is none other than Kirk

I bought Walmart 14" specials, dumped them all out, and got one of every color glitter available along with many more lamps,.

Thanks for the info everyone, I am definately going to consider ordering some stuff once I find some lamps that might be worth doing this to vs regooing.

Other than cleaning a bottle out and removing the spring and lava, is the process pretty simple.

I love the larger glitter options, if I saw correctly.

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