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Hello all, first off, for those many awesome people who have given of their time and energy to help us out, a huge THANK  YOU!!!!!  Thanks to Gary for opening up his home to us so we could photograph his amazing collection, and for talking to us for two hours!  Thanks to Jonas for taking the time to reply to our questionnaire, in multiparagraph answers that were incredibly thoughtful and informative, and thanks to Trevor for sending us bases and caps so that we could buy a goo kit and make our own lamps.  Thanks also, to the many who sent advice on how to use the goo kit, and what not to do!  We'd also like to thank Brent Blake for doing a telephone interview for us, on the Soap Lake giant lava lamp.  The research paper is taking shape, and we will be sure to post it for all to read when it's turned in!  One final component will make it complete, and we're hoping a few people will be willing to take a two minute survey.  We decided to survey non-collectors, to get their impression of lava lamps, and would now like to juxtapose those answers with collectors in order to show the difference between the two groups.  The questions are as follows:

1. When you think of lava lamps, what words or images come to your minds?

2. Where would you most likely expect to see a lava lamp?

3. Where would you go if you wanted to purchase a lava lamp?  Specifically, what stores would you expect might carry one?

4. What kinds of people would you expect to collect or buy lava lamps?

5. Why do people have lava lamps? What are they used for?

6.Can you think of any profession which migh find the use of a lava lamp helpful?

 If you choose to answer these questions, you can just number them and write brief, one to five word answers.  Any help is hugely appreciated!



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