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Ok, I've been on here for a few months now and thought it'd be nice to see what everyone looks like (since we'll likely never meet).

Who wants to go first? :)

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Yay! More pics! Thanks jmpenny32 and Samantha!

You're welcome

Erin said:

Yay! More pics! Thanks jmpenny32 and Samantha!

Lovely photo MG, and a pleasant surprise... with your talk of guns and the like I was expecting Calamity Jane. :D :D :D

Erin said:

Here's Marley's Ghost! :) Awesome to see you face!

I can see it in your eyes and body language... love, devotion and our primeval instinct to protect... lucky Deb  :)

Marley's Ghost said:

Thank you, Rocket Man, looks can be deceiving.  This just happened to be a sort of "dress up" occasion.  The weaponry is hidden, but is there with me.  No fear!    :-)    I'm Deb's bodyguard now.  LOL

I'd protect you too, my dear RM....We have a great sense of survival here in the mountains.  Got if from our pioneer ancestors.  Come see us, I'll be your bodyguard too!   :-)  

Likewise... Anytime ;)

I'll remember that if I ever get to cross ye ole pond.....LOL   THX!!!  ;-)

Crossing the ocean and mountains is the easy bit this end... jump on a plane... US customs are a nightmare... very scarey !!!... Dam terrorist spoiled everything !  :(

Marley's Ghost said:

I'll remember that if I ever get to cross ye ole pond.....LOL   THX!!!  ;-)

Gun talk!

Marley's Ghost said:

I'll take your word for it, Deb!!   I have 2 Walther PPKs, but don't carry either of them except to protect the pups when I'm not carrying my shotgun outside.   I carry something else in my pocketbook now.  I can "light em up."   Great deterrent, and if not, the next thing "would be."   I shall be your bodyguard!   

Ha lol I don't mind. I'm ready for a lava/zombie apocalypse!
Lol my fav are those Glock baseball bats ;-) lol

I hope you'll forgive the stupid instagram photo..

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