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Ok, I've been on here for a few months now and thought it'd be nice to see what everyone looks like (since we'll likely never meet).

Who wants to go first? :)

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How cool is that... I would love meet my Hero's and have photo's to show.
Metallica Fluidium man Trevor said:

Ok so I have to post again...I'm so overly proud of this. These guys are pretty much Hero's to me.

This is me with Ivan Moody, lead singer, and Chris Kael bass player of Five Finger Death Punch


Thanks, Sam!   I had no idea what that meant, but it really is a very nasty sign here in our area!!!!   Thanks for educating me!!!
Samantha Gregory said:

That hand sign means rock on its not a nasty sign at all it shows your love for rock and roll
Wow why is it nasty where you live?

the "shocker" can be pretty nasty, but i've never known the "rock on" hand gesture to be vulgar.  do tell what it means in your area!

It depends what u mean by it. It can also be called Devil Horns

well if you ask Dio (RIP) ... HE invented it

Lets ask him....

Phil Harris said:

well if you ask Dio (RIP) ... HE invented it

That's what it means here, Trev.   EEKKKK
Metallica Fluidium man Trevor said:

It depends what u mean by it. It can also be called Devil Horns

Wow good thing most sensible people only do it at rock concerts to show their love of rock and roll

However if we going to keep talking about the hand gesture, Lets go to the off topic thread :-) 

Yeah i think we're off that one it's nice seeing everybody's face i will have to post a more recent picture with me and my love

So I finally read all 22 pages of this thread. I guess it's my turn.

This is me clean, with one of my other hobbies (Jeeps!) and my beloved goatee:

And dirty (another hobby, racing!):

And to pay for my Jeep, racing, and lava, me at work with an appropriate sign at the County Fair:

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