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NOS Snakeskin to go with my safari cheetah lamp.  I figured it would look nice between my neon green kit and my orange cheetah if I have a black/clear in there.  So it would be orange, black and green together!!!  I hope it works.  Seems too good to be true but there was no negative feedback on this seller.  I thought I read on OG somewhere that somebody got a lamp from here that didn't flow, but then another member said that they had purchased one from this seller and it was fine.  They do guarantee their stuff so we will see.  Comes Friday, 9/11.  Hope that's not a bad omen.



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I luv the NOS Crit!!!   Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of lamps that have been used, but some of the lava does in fact show signs of wear from being run so much.  It's just so nice when you know you have something brand new that has come from an era like 15 years ago.  I think the safari series was early 2000's.  I think the capcode is 2001 on this lamp.

I'm thinking about getting one of those too.  Hope it's a good one for you!

Me too.....weird how they ended up with so many....


Haze bought one of these and he said it was perfect....

I just ordered one. Great find! Post some pics when you get yours.
I certainly will !!! Its rare to find NOS for that price!! Listing daid it was being shipped usps but its actually to me fedex!! Got my tracking already but it was just shipped 2day due to the holiday.
Sorry 4 typos im on my iphone

THANK YOU for the heads up

its still available

Just bought it.

All too cool

Will look great in my jungle themed bathroom  (I have no room elsewhere)

Mine came super cloudy Claude, but it cleared up perfect.  A few scratches on the globe which i was kind of disappointed about but otherwise decent.


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