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I have picked up some near brand new lava lite lava lamps (Made at the end of last year) and while I wanted Mathmos I needed something for now till I could get a hold of a Mathmos Astro or such. Surprisingly though it seems the flow is pretty good int he Lava Lite lamps I got and as far as looking at Mathmos videos online is very similar.. 

So my question is have Lava Lite's improved lately or has Mathmos quality gone down recently?

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Both companies had to change formula over time, as some ingredients are forbidden now. 
its all started with PCB inside, went over perc and now something similar but not forbidden. 

So I'm new to the hobby here, but inherited about 10 lamps and have added 5 newer lamps of mfg in the past year or so. I got 3 14.5 inch of which only one was cloudy. One 27" which is a little cloudy but still in it's first month of service here. And two 16.3". One of which is cloudy. I don't see them as all that bad personally. The others bubble a bit more, but the newer seem to just be a bit more stretchy. Perspective in my opinion anyways

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