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I might be slow on this one, but I went to spencer's today and they had every color of 52oz.  My 2 local spencer's have had nothing for almost a year.  I went to the cashier to buy one and she said they had changed their formula and that this was the new batch.  She also said she hadn't had near as many returns. 
I got the clear and green.  The green is really dark and opaque.  It flows really nicely and is totally clear.  I'm so excited!  You can't beat these $20 lamps!!
I'll post pictures when I get a chance!

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The coil looks good and very substantial.
Hmmmm.... I'm interested, since my Spencers claims they aren't supplying Lava in the tri state area.
Mind if I ask where you are located?
Oklahoma City
Northern KY here.
Can you post a picture for us, what were the numbers on the cap?
I'll try to do that tomorrow.
UPDATE-After running the lamp for 6+hours it overheated. All the wax was at the top. In order to make it work I'm going to have to tweak the liquid. All my lamps overheat so maybe it's me?
Great! I'll be anxious to know if yours overheats. I was not thrilled with the look of the wax before it heated up, but I tell you, once it gets to flowing it is really pretty wax. Nice and thick with that shine! You'll be impressed. Great coil too. You just can't beat $20 for a 52oz with no shipping!
Did you just get the red in the 52oz.? I'm thinking about going back and getting the white/blue. I like to take the blue liquid out and just have white wax.
Did you get one as well? If so, what colors?
Isn't the 40watt what they come with? I've tried doing a 25 watt and it never gets going. I have a bunch of dimmers that I usually resort to.
Nice blobs. Goo looks thinner then my green one.

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