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Has anyone here a Mathmos replacement bottle in turquoise or pink. I want to see the real colors of the wax. no computer-processed images. Thanks.

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I will try to post some pics soon Pascal
That would interest me too :)
Yeah they should use propper pics. Thats why I want to see what you folk think of the new candle lamps.
Just waiting for them to warm up
You mean astro bottles ?
You dont have a candle lamp, right ? *G*
i have the turquoise and very unimpressed so far!
bits of blue dye stuck in the wax and day 2 another 6 hours and still NO FLOW!
And it's baby blue NOT turquoise.
But a bottle for astro / astrobaby ?
The pink looks good so far but the turquoise looks quite light like you say Kaia
Pic is up, although it is very hard to catch on camera how good they look.
Intresting how all the new bottles are now out of stock. Just goes to show how much people want new stuff I guess
Mathmos said that they have big problems with the new mix of fluid and lava. Mathmos have told me that the new lava (pink, turquoise) is to weighty in the Astro Baby/Telstar bottles. Mathmos make at the moment many tests with the new lava. The people who work in the production must work tomorrow (Saturday).
But very funny that they didnt test the lava in astro or astro baby bottles before they sold them ;)
Did you get new information about the fireflow release ?

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