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Hi Guys


Not sure if this is anything at all.


I have just ordered a new telstar bottle from mathmos. the box it came in looks like a new design print.


It has lots of new colour combinations like:-


Blue White

Pink Orange


Quite a few more too


Has anyone seen this? are they bringing out new colours?





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Can you show us a picture of this box?

I dont think that mathmos ever did a blue white one, so maybe this can be a new color :) I would buy this color directly!

Maybe they did this color in the past, but if he ordered a NEW bottle at Mathmos, i dont think they are using such an old box :)
I'll post some pics in a sec



Ihave taken some pics, sorry about the quality but you can read it still.

Hey Guys the blue white was originaly  released  with the Blue anodised Telstar! Green White with the silver Telstar and as i remember rightly Violet orange with Gold Telstar and with the Purple one it was Violet White xx

New colors...yay...now get them over to the states!
Nice! Gonna have to keep an eye on their webpage ! :D
If they get to Denmark this page maby will tell us about the new ones .

Im sorry it's in Danish http://lysland.dk/shop/astro-85c1.html
Mhh but the discontinued the blue blue one...

At the moment all Astro bottles are out of stock.

Maybe a good sign for the start of the production of the new colors?

This must be a new inner box as it mentions 'Smart Astro' on the outside or is that a separate box?

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