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I have 2 new piercings lobe and cartilage.  They are not very happy w/the captive ball hoops, swollen tender after a month.  I have very picky ears and advised my piercer about this.  Has anyone used Bio-plast, BioFlex or PTFE in new piercings?  Which would be best and what gauge and what style?

Thanks for any input.  And yes the is wayyyy off topic! :)

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IKR if I barely bite my tongue I wanna pee my pants.  I don't know how he did it!!!
Mattmos said:

I've seen the tongue being pierced on a documentary, AND NO!! I whine like a wimp when the lava from the pizza rolls, that I nuke, shoots out onto my tongue.
T said:

Yikes umm no.  However,my son did get his tongue pierced lol !  I'm not that brave.  Just ears for me!

Yeah I know, I guess I'll run by the shop.  I just didn't want to bug her (my prof piercer) and I'm lazy lol!  But, also I was just seeing if anyone had experience with these plastic/teflon products and how it worked out for them.  :)
Mattmos said:

Ask this Cat.LOL Wouldn't you think your piercer would know these questions? If they don't, go to a professional who would know.  

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