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Props to OozingGoo for the information in my eBay listing!

Thank you, hipsters. I have learned so much in the few days since I discovered this site. Check out my eBay listing for photos and details. 



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Seems pretty straightforward.. Just unsure of the elegants size. is it a 32 also or would I have to maybe mark the bottle where the old wax line is, and refill with new wax to that line? It doesnt seem like 32 oz will fit in it, but i simply dont know

Autumn said:

Hes a stand up guy! I say refill with your favorite color.
Read this.

Mark H said:

Thats super classy! But nothing was misrepresented in the auction. I took a chance hoping I could run it and it would clear up, but it hasn't. No big deal, lets see what suggestions/solutions I can try! maybe I can make it work!  Mark

Year of the Tiger said:

OK, but the offer's open!

Mark H said:

Year of the Tiger said:

Yikes! I was the eBay seller. If it doesn't work, let me know, and I'll refund your money. It worked to the extent shown in the photos, but if it's not performing, please send me an eBay message, and we'll work this out.

No worries I am not upset. I saw the pictures and took a shot. Maybe I can try a bigger wattage bulb to see if it will get going.. sometimes they take a bit of tricks to get going. thats why I didnt panic or freak out and leave negative feedback.  figured I would throw the question out here and see if I can fix it somehow


Its less than 32oz. And yes you should mark the levels and try to match it.

ok i am on the right track! I still want to explore the higher wattage bulb just to try it, but what to use as a donor for this? hmmm...

Autumn said:

Its less than 32oz. And yes you should mark the levels and try to match it.

Well all of my 32 oz are paired with a base.....would it be easier to use the goo kit stuff or buy a globe on ebay and do the transplant?

goo kits dont work well in smaller globes. do a transfer.

ah ok!   the search is on then for a donor!

found  a lime green usa 32 oz on ebay. Should be here soon! Hope for the best!

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