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Hi, everyone! I ordered some of the lava bottles from sciplus, and found these little jars with lids that I thought looked like Mathmos caps. They had the diameter listed as 2 inches as well, so I took a chance on them. They fit Mathmos and LL 52oz screw cap bottles! It isn't the prettiest fix for LL, but you can put a decorative cap over it. I'm just happy that I can now seal bottles with cracked caps!
Here's the link:

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"metal gasketed screw caps"

Key word, gasketed!  I have a cap like that that isn't gasketed and it seeps if the globe is heated.  I now only use it as an extra for spare globes.  Nice to know there is a source.

If you have spare lamps you can use the metal cap cover from a newer 52 oz.

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