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Hi! I'm new to lava lamps, and I have a few questions.

I have a lamp (from Ebay - used) that is blue water with cream lava. It works as it seems it should, but the action is not what I've seen exactly. When it first warms up , it gets that shredded brain look, then small eyeball size shapes appear, then larger and more columnar (here it looks great). Then (4 hours) it gets egg size shaped and tons of little teeny balls develop and it kind of slows down. I'm running a frosted 40 watt and this is a 16 1/2 inch lamp, so I think the bulb is OK. From reading the posts, the little blobs might come from past mistreatment - shaking it while it's hot or seriously overheating. If it has been injured by a previous owner, how can I get the little blobs to melt back into the large mass. The regular blobs all do, so why won't the little tiny ones.

Another question: I see several clear fluid with colored lava lamps for sale. Do these get cloudier or have more problems that when the fluid is some color?

Also: I see mention of Chinese manufactured lamps and how they're not as good, smaller coils, etc. How can you tell if a lamp is made in China. I gather that they are the more recent ones. How recent? How are these marked. Are they all styles, or just certain ones. What should I ask an Ebay seller to know how to avoid getting one.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for letting me join this group. And thanks for helping me with some of these questions.

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You should upload a pic of your lamp in action. what type is it? Is it US made LW (Lavaworld) or or is it China? Mathmos from the UK? (Great lamps) all these things will determine the answers given. It sounds like it starts off OK but could be overheating a little after several hours hence the smaller bubbles.

Hope you get some good responses and answers.

Beautiful lamps. I can see that there wouldn't be any problem with clear ones. I'm not sure I understand about the bulb change. Do you mean that the little blobs are caused because I need a bulb change, that the bulb in there now might not be making it hot ENOUGH? I can easily try a bulb change, but all I've been able to find are unfrosted. I'm sure there there somewhere but the places I've just tried say they don't see them anymore. Thanks for the info.
I wish I could put up a picture. I'm between cameras, working on gettilng a new one now. It's a LavaLite brand, and it doesn't say where it's made. That was one of my questions. I want to avoid the Chinese lamps that people say aren't any good, but I don't know what to look for. Maybe this is one of them - I hope not.
Believe it or not, you can find frosted and unfrosted 40w appliance bulbs at your local shoprite.

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