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Maybe some of you recall I posted this some time ago. There was a lot of run around from the rep on whether or not these will be made again and low and behold they've launched a new website http://www.twistertube.com/ and are taking pre-orders (which I already did :) This is definitely then next coolest thing to the goo. I can't wait until I get this!

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I would buy one, but it looks like that they only ship inside of the USA.
They look awesome. $87 shipped is a little too high for me right now. I can't wait to see yours in action though. :)
I love the lightning twister. I'll wait to see one in person before plunking down that much change.

Here is another site that has a break down of what the twister tube entails.





I will get one of these for sure...MUST HAVE !!
Account created, pre-order will be coming soon.
nice I wonder how long the wait will be? hopefully not as long as that timer shows.

Did anyone ever get one of these?

You may want to unlike this one Kira.  I will speak for me and the good Dr.  We both got refunds.  I am done pursuing this one due to lack of transparency by the company.  I, as well as Dr. What, were early preorder folks and still didn't get one.  Who knows how many they even made, if any.  They never updated me nor the Dr.; we had to chase them down to get a refund.  And you would think they would at least make us first in line for a next batch?  Nope.

This is the new object of my affections.  Way cooler than the Twister Tube.



no................. apparently they sold out of them which I think is a bunch of BS. I was like order# 76 so I had in. The guy zubin, even promised me one after I complained about it but has ignored all y emails. So all in all a HUGE disappointment I didnt get one, but I'm glad considering the guy who ran the site was a complete ass

Thanks for the update Jim. Good to know. Too bad it didn't work out though; they looked really cool. 

And OMGWTFBBG! Jellyfish tanks? What?!

Wow... yet another disappointment...

gonna wear that like  like a scarlet letter now.... lol

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