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Hey, I was thinking....would any UK lava lamp enthusiasts be interested if I organised a weekend get-together for us..???  The idea stems from the fact I am a hi-fi widow - hubby is on several hi fi enthusiasts forums and has been on such weekends, and they can be good fun.


I could probably find local accomodation for a Saturday night for about £50, plus room hire so we can bring our fave lamps to show off, have a buy/sell/trade section, maybe have a 'make your own lava lamp' masterclass, maybe even get the Lava Brand UK rep to come give a talk or something...?


Anyone interested?  :)

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Oops, forgot to say it would be near Leeds, would have to check out actual venues
Jenny does more of the admin, Stuart is the primary rep really.
Yep, hubby and me, are up for it :)
Kewl...ok, come on guys, there must be more of you up for a lava party!!!! ;)
Sounds good. It might be quite small numbers to start with, so perhaps we could meet at a pub (few tables in the skittle alley) or do something that doesn't mean loads of organising or rely on large numbers turning up.
OK.....well, this is the sort of thing I had in mind...this isn't cast in stone of course, but just an idea...

Meeting on a Saturday late aft/eve somewhere for a social eve - like the skittles you suggest or whatever, then a pub meal together. Sunday, lava business (!) - me hiring a room somewhere, ideas for the day could be each bringing our fave/most interesting lamps with, for displaying and oohing and ahhing over each others lamps; a 'make your own lava lamp' workshop; maybe getting someone from Lava Brand to come give us a talk or whatever. Obviously breaking for lunch at some point - I would hire a room in a place we can also get lunch (I have a great place in mind, in my village - fab pub/restaurant with rooms available for hire, which have a private bar). Then finishing maybe about 4pm to give people time to travel back home.

I'm basing this on the 'hi-fi weekends' I have been on with hubby, for hi-fi geeks who get together on online forums for that interest. I'd keep it casual, anyone (like partners of lava enthusiasts who aren't really into it) who wanted could go off and do summat else at various times. Depending on weather, we could even go off on a bit of a country walk at some point (countryside is fab round here), or I might even do us all a BBQ in my garden on the Sat night.

If some people just wanted to come for the day on the Sunday, and not have to pay for overnight accomodation, that would be fine - we could make the Sat eve social get-together optional. I don't anticipate it being formal at all, just a chance to socialise and talk lava with fellow enthusiasts. I'm more than happy to organise.

If we had this here where I live, there is a train which goes from Leeds directly into the village, then it's about a 10 minute walk from the station to the venue I have in mind, or I can fetch people in my car if they are carrying heavy lamps etc. I think the room hire in the place I have in mind is about £50, which I think we could share the cost of.

There are some B&Bs in my village which I can give anyone the details of, and I have two spare bedrooms in my house as well which I'd be happy to have people use on the Sat night.

So....summing up (as I'm typing, this is beginning to come together!), essentially a 'lava day' on Sunday, with the option of coming the night before and socialising. Maybe a weekend at the end of July-ish?

How's it sounding?
Sounds great, count me and Hubby in. Add in a lava lamp swap shop if you've not done so already, or a lava lamp auction.
Oh yes!! I thought about a swap/sell shop, then promptly forgot about it! Cool. What I need now is a volunteer to lead a /make your own lava lamp' workshop. I've never done it before, but would love to learn, and I know a bunch of you out there are into doing this. I can provide assorted bottles, possibly bases if necessary. Whoever is willing to lead this session, they need to tell people what they need to do this and I'm sure we can get the necesary stuff together.
End of July might be ok for me, as I am moving house at the mo.
Hmmm sounding good, a few of you interested :) OK, I will start looking into room hire and whatever. Last weekend of July is Sat 31st, so how about we say that weekend? As I said before, I'll plan the Sunday (1st Aug) for the main day, and whoever wants to come over the night before for a social can let me know and we can either put you up (we have a spare double and a spare single room) or I can give you details for a B&B in the village.

SO...point 1, can everyone who is interested get back to me to say if that weekend is ok? AND...is there anyone out there who is willing to lead a 'make your own lava lamp' workshop? Ivf so, pls let me know ASAP, as I will need to know what kind of 'kitchen facilities' the room will need to have. Ta :)
Hubby and I, would like to come :) We cannot leave our dogs over night so, we may just come for the Sunday do. Or, we may drive home on the Saturday and come back on the Sunday.

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