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Hi Guys:

Hope everyone had a happy new year .

I have a question, regarding the 1960s-70s lava lite lamp starlight lamp base.

Someone misplaced the base on my old lamp. I remember it to be a gold color with a smooth surface.

A guy on Ebay , is selling one, and he is claiming that he has one with a "textured" gold finish.

I've never heard of a lava lamp base that had a different look. Im thinking this is a result of corrosion or mildew damage? 

I am uploading a photo of the base , has anyone seen this before ? 



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The finish is wearing off, its not supposed to look like that,

Yea i thought that lamp base finish is messed up.  Will not buy that one for sure. Thanks for the quick reply DR WHAT?!

Only buy if it is CHEAP and you want to paint it.

Thank Critter 

Looks like it sat in a flooded basememnt for a few years.

Only good if its dirt cheap and you plan on painting it!

Yes, Claude J, that is what i was thinking too!! Must have been laying around in a musty basement.  Thank you for the advice.Much appreciated 

Your Welcome

I've yet to find the right "Gold" to match the vintage lamps.

A lot depends on the color of the primer and have not experimented enough to find the perfect match.

Iv'e painted up to the size of a grande with decent results (Two white ones converted to R&G glitter)

A little bondo when required and proper painting, you can turn some pretty crappy bases and caps into excellent looking pieces.

I was over my head when it came to the Humungo,

Too big for my hobby paint booth so I had a body shop do it for only $230

The shop removed all the dents  (Petty bad), then painted it automotive Brilliant Porche white with clearcoat and buffed it

Claude, is that a pic of the Colossus you recently bought?

Nope that is my first one

zthis is the one that i had paionted an ents removed

Als rewired it wtih heavier cabe,Installed higher wattage dimmer,  and adjusted the height so i accomidates the newer bulbs

Here is a better shot of the flow

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