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i just wanted to point out this really gross lamp i found on ebay, the seller wants $120!!!


its so gross lol why so expensive?!

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If you think that's bad, spend some time on this thread.

I really don't think there are any guidelines set up for ebay as far as what and how much you can sell something for as long as you are honest with the description.  If the seller listed this lamp in "NEW" condition, then that would be falsely describing an item, as long as it is in working condition, I guess they can sell it, as it is an open auction site.  I have heard that people have sold belly button lint from movie stars on ebay, lol!!!  I got burnt on ebay numerous times with lamps.  That's all I've ever really purchased through them.  My Enchantress and psychedelic swirl came a tad hazy but cleared up nicely after about a week. 


These sellers need to learn how to use the advanced search mode to see what items have previous sales prices.

The Ceramics Beatles lava lamp is a perfect example.

Most have sold between $70 to $90 USD yet they continue to list them for $150 to $295

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