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Left to right: in back groove tube red lava yellow liquid, #16 clear black...almost positive it is a chocolate, next is #25 purple yellow, then, #28 green white 52oz, #24 blue yellow, #03 blue white, and finally a #20 faded to clear white

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Comment by Cody Rankins on April 5, 2019 at 7:16am

I have been looking for a green white for awhile and was surprised to see it.  It flows great but the wax is bubbly but that does not bother me because the flow is superb.  The chocolate is a big added bonus to the group but does not flow the greatest but if I leave it on for a good while it does pretty good.  The blue white flows like a brand new never used lamp.  The two wizard globes are strange and I guess it has to do with the little bulb that are in those lamps but the wax looks more "fluid" long stringy thin flow.  When I put them on a normal 32 oz base they have better flow, almost wonder if they just are not "broke in".  It was luck of the draw on this deal...I have scoured ebay and craigslist for deals, this one was a fluke..I have two little girls and had taken a break from collecting for the past few years and one day a few weeks ago got on this site almost forgot I was a member on here, then said what the hell and started checking around and boom this lot was listed. Usually I don't find much and what I do find is usually listed for way way to much money don't get me wrong I think some of my lamps are worth buckets of cash but I can't bring myself to spend all that much on them.

Comment by Sentrex on April 4, 2019 at 4:00pm

That green and white globe is a diamond IMO... drool.

I have been checking my local craigslist for years and nothing good ever shows up!

Great score!

Comment by Cody Rankins on February 11, 2019 at 7:58am

I got them from craigslist they had actually been listed for a few weeks.  The guy who sold them to me said he did not know there was a community of collectors for these...I smiled and told him there are quite a few of us.  He was glad they were going to be a part of a collection and be enjoyed.  Best part I had originally asked him if he would just sell me the green white 52oz but now I am very happy he wouldn't split them up.  I see what the fuss is all about with the wizards I really like the look of them different seeing them in pictures and actually having one...now I need some 32oz glitter haha.  Very very happy to get a chocolate as well.

Comment by Erin on February 10, 2019 at 9:45pm

Dang! Where did you score all those? I never get that lucky!

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