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Bought this from ebay, was wondering if you guys have any info on it? It came in a tube like a Lava Brand lamp, and looks very similar to the 8oz except stands a little taller. It came with a 20w spot bulb that was a dud, so I have replaced it with a 15w pygmy bulb.

Here are some pics, havent seen it flowing yet.

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Heated the lamp and the goo has turned purple, not blue. quite pissed off at the moment, it still hasn't started flowing.
The lava looks good and has solid colour. But it takes an odd bulb. I replaced it with a lower watt and 5 hours later it's still just sitting at the bottom. Might just be breaking in. Will run it later.
Wow it's a small lamp. I will have to find a proper replacement for it.
Upped the bulb and made a video! Awesome lamp now!

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