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    WTB century base

    Started by jeff in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Mr MaGoo 1 minute ago. 1 Reply

    Hi fellow lava heads!Been lurking here for a while as I built my collection up, but finally needed to post as I'm looking for a part. I recently picked up a slightly pre-90's (I think) century off of craigslist. It's in good shape overall, and looks good from the outside. But the base, specifically the bottom plate that's steel, is rusted badly. It doesn't effect the function of the lamp, for now, but it might eventually given that the bulb mounts to the rusted plate and might fail at some…Continue

    Restoring a Mk1 Astro

    Started by andy ross in Collecting. Last reply by Mr MaGoo 3 minutes ago. 1 Reply

    Recently rescued a Mk1 Astro that no longer has its original cable or the grey/white grommet/cable holder that feeds the cable into the base; and the round inline switch is missing too...this could have been white or grey.I'd like to restore as best I can - does anyone know where I can source these items, please? The wire is white, with R/B/G codingThanksContinue

    New Mathmos Lamp

    Started by doddy in Collecting. Last reply by Erin 4 hours ago. 23 Replies

    On the latest Mathmos blog, they say they are releasing a new lamp in the autumn. What are your thoughts? Do any of you have any information? I am hoping that it's a larger lamp like the lunar, but knowing Mathmos it will be another Neo variant or use the astro bottle. Let's at least hope we get some new interesting colourways as the current range is getting a bit stagnant now. Continue

    Entire collection for sale including several Collossus!

    Started by Amanda Taft in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Amanda Taft 22 hours ago. 23 Replies

    I recently bought out the estate of a collector that passed away. I am in the process of remodeling my house so I'm looking to sell them all together if possible. Shipping/pick up would be the responsibility of the buyer. This is an awesome collection and the potential for serious profit is there for someone who has the knowledge/time. Here's what is included:Collosus:I have seven globes and 12 bases. Globe colors are purple with red (3), blue with yellow, clear with red, purple with yellow…Continue

    Crestworth Princess Replica FOR SALE!

    Started by Marcel in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Marcel yesterday. 6 Replies

    Crestworth Princess Replica FOR SALE!As many of you guys already guessed I am putting out a couple of princess replicas for sale, with thefollowing options. Please contact me if you are interested.Version 1:- Brushed Aluminum Metal parts (top and bottom)- Wood Base Stand- Borosilikate Bottle with 5mm thickness- Electronic Parts with Bulb (230V)Version 2:- Copper Chromed Aluminum Metal parts (top and bottom)- Wood Base Stand- Borosilikate Bottle with 5mm thickness- Electronic Parts with Bulb…Continue

    Get those halloween lamps ready!

    Started by Mr MaGoo in Collecting. Last reply by Claude J on Monday. 8 Replies

    Ok, I know everyone getting ready for Halloween, let's see those lamps!Continue

    F$#%ING FedEx and Cloudy Giant

    Started by Sentrex in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Sentrex on Sunday. 38 Replies

    Tagged a NIB Red/Clear Giant but this jackass FedEx delivery guy always puts the boxes on my porch upside sown no matter how much writing there is on the box showing arrows pointing up.Needless to say, my lamp is extremely cloudy. I am going to cycle it for a couple weeks and see what happens. That cleared up one of my pink Giants but hasn't done shit for my blue/white or blue/green lamps.Any chance it comes back or do I need to filter it?On that topic, I have 5 cloudy Giants that are still not…Continue

    What's the best way to de-bubble wax?

    Started by pspees in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Stacia L Oct 11. 19 Replies

    I have a lamp that I bought off of ebay about a month ago. When it arrived the wax looked as if it had been shipped hot. Ever since the fluid has cleared up but the wax is extremely bubbly. It seems to get better with time but then it will get worse again. I was wondering what causes this (the bubbles) and what would be the best remedy? Thanks for your input!!

    Tags: Bubbles, Wax

    Fiber Optic Spray replacement

    Started by Peggy in General Goo. Last reply by Mr MaGoo Oct 7. 4 Replies

    Hi!  I'm new to this group, but just managed to get my hands on a vintage Fantasia 4000 Sunburst Chrome lamp - minus the fiber optic spray.  I know finding them is really hit or miss, but can one be fabricated from the safer new plastic fiber optic cables?  Are there any directions on how to make one or is anyone making these at all?  I am pretty good craftwise, but this is a new direction and I'd rather not reinvent the wheel...Continue

    Collection for Sale

    Started by Joe in Collecting. Last reply by Mike Panzer Oct 7. 5 Replies

    Hello All,Selling most of my collection but I will not ship, local pickup only. I reside in the SW suburbs of Chicago. I am also selling a lava lamp shaped display that was used at Spencers several years ago. The display holds about 20 or 25 32 ounce lamps. Most of the collection are 32 oz lamps, some NOS. Please email me if you have any interest.Continue

    Blog Posts

    Mathmos Factory visit pt 2

    Posted by Modulo '70 on October 5, 2019 at 4:30pm 0 Comments

    Wow! Almost 10 years to the day since our last visit, this time to their premises on an industrial estate, unit 2 at Poole in sunny Dorset. We were lucky enough to go to the original Sterte Avenue West premises back in September…


    Looking for a very specific Lava Lamp and willing to pay $$$

    Posted by Eric Aguirre on September 28, 2019 at 4:30am 1 Comment

    Hello everyone, I hope I'm posting this to the right forum right now, just found out about this site, while on a mission.

    If anyone see's this torchiere Lava lamp, and are willing to sell, I am more than willing to buy it off someone,…


    Glitter Graphics - Rolls Royce details

    Posted by Pharos on April 4, 2019 at 7:09am 1 Comment

    Have you noticed how often you see the Rolls Royce Glitter Graphic shown with a blank area where the…


    Looking for information on this lamp

    Posted by Cliff Futrell on March 15, 2019 at 11:31am 3 Comments

    .saw this lamp on eBay, I was under the impression that the Carlisle only came in three colors with a gold base. ive seen wizard lamps with similar color schemes but never a Carlisle. Was thinking it was custom painted but there are 2 for sale on…



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