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The ultimate lava lamp community. OG was born in '97 and includes a collector's network, how to make lava lamps, a vintage gallery and more.

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    Hello everyone

    Started by Susan in Off Topic 7 hours ago. 0 Replies

    Hi everyone, I used to be a member on here many years ago but I sadly drifted away due to other commitments. Several changes of internet service providers and especially email provider, left me without the means to re-activate my old account, so starting again :)A bit about myself. I grew up with a Crestworth Astro lantern back in the 70's, the fascination for lava lamps never left me. Our Mum used to let my Brother and I run the lava lamp behind the settee (I know great way to distract your…Continue

    3D CGI LavaLamp

    Started by Blender Bach in Problems & Questions 22 hours ago. 0 Replies

    I was wondering, am I allowed to show my 3D Lava Lamps I made in Blender (3D Software) on this website?                     -Blender BachContinue

    Tags: CGI

    New iO Matt Silver and a first 100 Limited Edition Io.

    Started by Jezza in Collecting. Last reply by Jezza yesterday. 8 Replies

    The Matt silver io will be available before Christmas.Also a new version? First 100 will be available too. What does this mean? A different finish? A different design? I am hoping for a version without the sidebars. Or even a copper or black version. Mathmos usually release new colours with new lamps. So hopefully a new colour bottle too. I am hoping for blue pink as the new astro bottles are awesome. My coppers are waiting. Thank you Mathmos....Continue


    Started by Claude J in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Claude J on Tuesday. 5 Replies

    Do you or someone you know lost interest in the lava lamp hobby?Preferably in or near the midwest USAI am a cash (or Paypal) buyer for the entire collectionOne lump sum and I'll take them allLavalabcreations@gmail.comContinue

    For sale - Crestworth Flowerlite

    Started by Alexander David Lyon in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Alexander David Lyon Nov 19. 4 Replies

    Hi guys,im currently selling my Crestworth collection.i have for sale two Crestworth Flowerlite sand also a Crestworth galaxy.please let me know if your interested?best Alex Continue

    24 old lava lamp behavior

    Started by Clinton W Salvato in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Clinton W Salvato Nov 17. 16 Replies

    Hey guys, here is a  short video of my 24 year old lava lamp running.  I am posting this to find out if this is still normal behavior, or if the wax has started to degrade.  This happens after about 2 to 3 hours being on.  This is the one with the midnight base, and orange liquid white wax,https://youtu.be/rtZ_Hm45C04Continue


    Started by Matt Gallimore in Collecting. Last reply by Claude J Nov 17. 1 Reply

    For sale I have a set of Lava Lamo Skittles with the base. The base is fully working but the lava isnt flowing as well as it should so it would make a great restoration project to get it flowing like the 4th picture.Iv done some research and found them to be very rare. They originate from a company in Boston, USA called Waltham Lighting. I have contacted them and they said they were a product from the old management of the company and that they are amazed to see I own a set in the UK because…Continue

    Io farce

    Started by Jezza in Collecting. Last reply by Jezza Nov 17. 4 Replies

    So why cant Mathmos produce these lamps?Why are they taking peoples money without so much as a buy or  leave, keep them waiting for months on end. And why dont they keep them informed about what is happening? It seems a really bad way of trading to me and is the main reason why i will not buy one. What are your experiences with the io and your responses from Mathmos. Im just very curious as to this really bad way of trading. Thanks JContinue

    New Mathmos Colour Combinations!

    Started by lampfancy in Collecting. Last reply by LukyDuck Nov 16. 45 Replies


As has been rumoured for a while I think, Mathmos confirmed today on their Facebook page that new colourways are to be released across the range in the coming weeks, starting with yellow/pink now offered on the Neo
Will be interesting to see what else they come up with - dare we get excited?Continue

    Century Problems: ALL of the wax floats

    Started by Austin Van Laar in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Mr MaGoo Nov 16. 10 Replies

    Hi! Recently I found a great vintage Lava Lite Century model, dated 1974. It has blue liquid with yellow wax and one serious flaw—all of the wax floats to the top and stays there. I know several lamps have the issue where some floats and some stays at the bottom, this one has zero wax at the bottom. The liquid is not cloudy at all, in fact it is clearer than any of my other vintage lamps. The wax was floating when I purchased it with kind of a disgusting granular looking appearance (but it was…Continue

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    Vastu Consultants

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    WTB metallica glitter lamp

    Posted by Robert Israel on August 8, 2020 at 5:44pm 0 Comments

    im looking to buy a metallica glitter lamp…


    looking to buy

    Posted by not rick james on July 28, 2020 at 2:02am 1 Comment

    i am looking to buy the yellow designer with the clear liquid where can these be found or are the no longer made

    WTB disco lava, lava lamp shaped disco light.

    Posted by Robert Israel on July 26, 2020 at 10:32am 2 Comments

    im looking for a lava disco light like the one in the…



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