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    Earthquake Proofing?

    Started by Michael Strong in Off Topic. Last reply by Michael Strong 18 hours ago. 2 Replies

    Out of curiosity how has your collection fared during an earthquake of any magnitude? Did your collection survive? How have you Earthquake proofed them? I just started collecting, and I'm genuinely curious on how to prepare my lamps in case a strong earthquake occurs. I don't want to lose my collection. Especially my vintage ones. I live in California, so preparing for one is very important. I'd like to hear some tips and some stories good or bad about your collection after one. Continue

    help me out here

    Started by Susan Shannon in Problems & Questions 21 hours ago. 0 Replies

    So-I suck at math.I just emptied and cleaned the glass-it only holds 2 cups of water. The goo kit includes enough to refurbish a 250 OZ lamp. 20% goo to water ratio.If my lamp holds 2 cups that is 16 oz so this means I add 1/4 cup of goo to 3 cups water right?Duh. Thanks!Continue

    Tags: lamp., sized, small, goo

    Telstar rewiring help needed please!

    Started by Lizzie in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Raymond yesterday. 15 Replies

    Hi everyone!I searched for instructions on how to rewire my Mathmos Telstar and though I found Astro rewiring help, no such luck for my lamp.I moved to Califormia from England a few years ago and have been faffing around and procrastinating when it comes to certain things -one of these things is sorting out my lamp so I can actually use it again!Could someone give me some advice please? Or better yet, link me to a step by step tutorial?!Thank you in advance!LizzieContinue

    Tags: Lamp, Lava, Telstar, Mathmos

    Mathmos Astro Metallic

    Started by Lamp Addict in Collecting. Last reply by Jezza yesterday. 7 Replies

    So I just broke down and bought a yellow and a red Metallic Astro.  I wanted to hear people's thoughts on them and start a little discussion.  Thanks!Continue

    Mathmos Astro liquid replacement

    Started by MonsoonStorm in Problems & Questions. Last reply by john on Monday. 3 Replies

    I got a couple of old astros from eBay , one had no fluid, the other had cloudy fluid.  Both are the old style bottles with the wide cap.I cycled the cloudy one for a while and it had improved, it isn't perfect but I'm willing to keep cycling for a while to see how it goes.I have bought some deionised water and detergent for the other bottle that had no fluid, I figured I would give that a go, but now I'm wondering whether I should just buy a Black/clear bottle and shift the fluid across in the…Continue

    Agate Gold and Concrete Grey / Light Blue

    Started by Galaxy_9 in Collecting. Last reply by Modulo '70 on Monday. 4 Replies

    Been forever since I actively posted, and after popping in lately I wanted to contribute, I got wind of the Lunar and these two lamps I picked up today. Wanted to share pics and info, as Spencer's would not allow me to look at the lamp out of the box, they were not displayed either. She said only the "more popular ones are displayed" LOL....well here are my thoughts.Concrete Grey / Light Blue Lava - The concrete grey effect is definitely cool and spot on. Very matte finish with a hand painted…Continue

    I'm having a lava-related stuff garage sale! Edit: READ END OF THREAD!

    Started by Jonas Clark-Elliott in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone. Last reply by Jonas Clark-Elliott on Monday. 50 Replies

    I haven't been active here for a while, but I hope to change that! I'm selling off a bunch of lava-related stuff I've accumulated. Please make offers! I'm not looking to get rich off these items. I want them gone and I'd like a teeny bit of extra cash.Trade offers are also welcome. I'd really love to find an empty Consort globe with intact gold cap, if anyone wants some of my items and has a spare. I'd also love to locate one of the iron-stand Auras Glow, or one of the little Mathmos rocketship…Continue

    Lunar / io bottle issues.

    Started by Lava_Head_UK in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Steve Sag on Saturday. 5 Replies

    I’m curious to discover what issues people are having with the Yellow/ Orange and the Pink / Turquoise bottles I have had 5 Y / O bottles so far and all have had sticky wax & some cloudy residue on the inside of the glass.3 T /P bottles with sticky wax and one very scratched bottle.Mathmos have been very helpful but where do you draw the line,my Y / O bottles have been back & forth for almost a year now. I can’t be that unlucky to receive so many sub standard bottles from Mathmos…Continue

    Tags: io, Lunar, Mathmos

    Colossus Lava Lamp (Miami, FL)

    Started by kevin pedro in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone on Saturday. 0 Replies

    Does anyone have one for sale? I’m located in Miami Florida and would be willing to drive to pick it up. :)Continue

    lava lite aristocrat stops flowing after 4ish hours

    Started by Marco Pulone in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Marco Pulone on Saturday. 1 Reply

    Hi all, managed to pick up a blue/yellow aristocrat for 12$ in box this past weekend, and it flows beautifully! right up until it doesnt. occasionally, it all blobs up at the bottom but barely any contacts the coil, and it sits like this until i turn the lamp off and let it settle. I don't think its overheating as it flows wonderfully right up until it does that. Continue

    Blog Posts

    The vintage Crestworth I scored on ebay finally came

    Posted by Michael Strong on April 9, 2021 at 8:42pm 5 Comments

    The only thing that sucks is the cap is broken. They tried to fix it by gluing the screw on cap to the…



    Posted by Rob Landenberger on April 3, 2021 at 5:29pm 0 Comments

    Looking for icon series toppers . I have Alien , need any of the others . Thanks.   Rob

    re-doing my lamp set up part 2

    Posted by Cate Smith on March 22, 2021 at 5:00pm 5 Comments

    first off sorry its been so long since my last blog post all my teachers have decided to drown me in work. I've decided that i'm going to go with spot 2 but I'm keeping the owl painting. thanks for your guys' suggestions. Also originally I wanted…


    Re doing my lamp set up

    Posted by Cate Smith on March 12, 2021 at 3:26pm 8 Comments

    My current lamp set up isn’t much of a set up as it’s just 3( of six because I don’t have room for the rest)lamps siting in a cluster on my vanity/desk. But I’ve decided to change this because a it will look better and b I would like to be able…



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