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    Started by Tevfik Dogruman in Collecting. Last reply by Tevfik Dogruman 2 hours ago. 13 Replies

    Hello everyone,This week I tried various chemicals for the glitter lamp.First I searched for safety data sheets for glitter.Because the safety data sheets contain the density of glitter. From this I can calculate the density of the liquid. The chemicals I will use must be non-hazardous. I used PERC in my previous work. I have now tried four different chemicals.1- Mono ethylene glycol. d= 1.12 g/cm32- Glycerin d= 1.26 g/cm33- 50% potassium carbonate solution. d= 1.50 g/cm3…Continue

    Tags: sucrose, custom, lamp, glitter, Glitter

    Transparent, bubbly goo…

    Started by Jordan Reeder in Problems & Questions 3 hours ago. 0 Replies

    Ok, finally done with my messing around and getting nowhere with this lamp…So I’ve made some goo with paraffin, liquid paraffin, kerosene, and “perc”… I keep getting this unsightly goo and I don’t know how to get my mixture to be #1 completely opaque and #2 free from air bubbles. The mixture flows well but it’s ugly. Anyone know what I could do to get a solid looking goo without all of the bubbles? Continue

    A New Source of Goo Kits

    Started by k-nano in General Goo. Last reply by Claude J 17 hours ago. 31 Replies

    It's come to my attention that Magma Tower isn't sourcing goo anymore and I am looking into sourcing it myself to potentially fill the void. The only thing is there will likely be a fairly large minimum order quantity from the manufacturer. Therefore, I'm looking to get an idea of just how interested the community is in purchasing goo to refurbish their lava lamps. If I could get those looking to buy goo to reply to this post and give me an idea of just how much goo your currently interested in…Continue

    Replacement bulbs for Double play?

    Started by Robert Israel in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J 18 hours ago. 2 Replies

    Im looking for a substitute bulb for a lava lite double play.Continue


    Started by Claude J in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone 18 hours ago. 0 Replies

    Pre-Grand Opening SpecialRestoration kitPerfect for Vintage 52oz. lamps Century/Aristocrat or 2-32oz./17" globesKit Contains Authentic Haggerty Ingredients64oz. Filtered master fluid8oz, Yellow Wax2oz. SLES SurfactantDrop FunnelThe sales price is $90 and includes FREE USPS delivery to the lower 48 statesOther location?please notify me to make an arrangementsPLEASE EMAIL TO: lavalabcreations@gmail.com TO ORDER…Continue

    Looking for a Lava Lite #26 and #29 in 320z.

    Started by Jason G in Buy/Sell/Trade Zone yesterday. 0 Replies

    Hello fellow Lava enthusiasts.I'm currently looking for a a nice flowing #26 and a nice flowing #29.I don't really need a base for either, but would take one if required.Please let me know. I have a bunch of stuff to trade right now, or have cash.Thank you.Continue

    complete meltdown

    Started by Dave in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Claude J yesterday. 8 Replies

    first , ty for accepting me into your community.ive been browsing the forums for a couple weeks now trying to find a solution.; the wax in my century just melts and sits motionless.ive tried reducing the wattage of the bulb.  i havent tried a dimmer yet, but even when the lamp is turned off and begins to cool nothing happens.  the wax does melt really quick, and if you slowly tilt the glass, you can see movement, but nothing rises or bubbles up.   ive added an epsom salt mixtuire, but that did…Continue

    Found this old Glitterlamp lamp

    Started by Martin Hundhausen in Collecting. Last reply by andy ross yesterday. 17 Replies

    Found this beautiful glitter Lamp in my new House.Does anybody now how old it is, maybe a manufacturer and how much it could be worth?Thank you BHorstContinue

    Powder Pigment wax dye

    Started by Claude J in Problems & Questions. Last reply by Tevfik Dogruman on Saturday. 7 Replies

    Does anyone have any experience with using powder pigments?I seem to recall reading somewhere that Haggerty used powder pigments from Crayola.The reason I ask, is that I've seen a few "interesting" colors and was wondering if it's worth the time to pursue further and how these powder transfer from the candlemaking industry to lava lamps applications. Not so much interested in Mica due to separation issues.Thinking out loud,.. Has anyone used a chemical to pre-mix them in order to enhance…Continue

    Blog Posts

    Fireflows O1 for sale

    Posted by Marco Manenti on January 19, 2022 at 9:47am 0 Comments

    i have some fireflows O1 for sale, brand new, shipping all around the world, contact me:

    marcoshared22@gmail.com for info.…


    For sale

    Posted by Christian on November 21, 2021 at 9:57am 1 Comment

    Mathmos Fluidium spare bottle 


    Lava lamp by Mathmos, model Lunar, Space Age Rocket Lunar lava lamp design $1,560.00- Local pick up only

    Posted by Phu Le on November 17, 2021 at 3:49am 0 Comments

    Hi I am selling a Highly desirable lava lamp made by Mathmos in the 1990s In good working order as can be seen in the photos with a new 100W bulb. Mathmos Lunar Lava lamp 34 inches tall plus extra power converter…


    Lamps for sale

    Posted by MileHigh on October 31, 2021 at 6:00pm 4 Comments

    I am selling some lamps from my collection - just in time for Christmas!

    You can view details, pics, and videos of the lamps that I am selling at …



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