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Another Astro! Got this one for €15, it has pink liquid (that looks more orange when illuminated), and orange lava. It is currently a bit foggy, but I imagine that being due shipping and it correcting itself over time. If not, a replacement bottle is still an option. It is an older Astro it seems, as the only branding is on the bottom of the base.

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I have a mathmos that arrived quite cloudy.  It did clear over time, but it took a LONG time, several months.

How long did you run it per week on average?


Well, I couldn't really say. But I would suggest running daily for 4 to 8 hours, if your schedule allows.  Honestly it flows so good that the cloudiness was not too bothersome.

Daniël Oosterhuis said:

How long did you run it per week on average?

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