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I wanna know which one of us is the auction addict, that just can't stay away from all the deals on ebay, that stays up late at night to do some last minute sniping. If it's not you, nominate someone you've noticed!

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I rarely go a day without looking at new arrivals. Out of 6-7 favorite searches, all but one are lava lamp/mathmos searches. But I have noticed that Cwsgg (not sure if i spelled that right), weezer666, scott13a, and sovak..., are among popular bidders on ones that I watch and bid on. I am osojen on ebay.
I am a very popular bidder - extremely popular in fact.

I remember that cute photo! Aren't you glad someone saved it for you. That's right you are an ebay nut. How many lamps are you up to now?
About 130. I have only been buying about one a month for the past four months. You are right. I am extremely cute.

scott,what happened to the marx playset?
Up in my mother's attic somewhere, along with my Matchbox cars and my Tonka "diggers".

those marx playsets are real hot right now.i sold a boxed zorro playset for 450.i think yours is battle of the bulge one of the larger/better ones.
I go through the battle of the bulge every day because of all of my beer drinking and lack of exercise.

What's up you sexy be-och?
Howdy DLR! I'm doing all right. I'm just playing with my army men, I mean getting drunk, I mean ..... oh shoot!

When are you going to post a picture of your wizard glitter rainbow?
I'll post pics real soon.
I hope you have been well.

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