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Just thought I should pump that one out there to get opinions on this. So, what is your opinion of what makes a collector have a collector status?

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I would say maybe more like 7, 8, 9. and to have vintage lamps here or there, not just knock-offs.
Actually willing to spend your hard earned cash to buy a rare or vintage lava lamp.
lol that is great! depends, are they all china lamps? Ooooooo Snap! sorry. getting carried away there. wow that is a lot of lamps. I am barely out of the single digits.
oh sure rub it in Steve... lol
WOW. I guess i didn't think of that! Sorry dude!
If I lived in the area, I would be your roomy. I would sleep on the couch and swept away to dream land watching all the flow of lava. lol

Wow I can barely grasp the concept of having a hundred lamps let alone 200. man I would hate to pay the electricity bill if all of them are going at once. do you have just a select few out on desplay or all of them are out and everywere?
so, it would be a passion, not an obsession kind of thing? I remember seeing my first lava lamp back in the 80's. however, I don't remember what store I was at. I remember watching the ooz flowing up and down for nearly an hour it seemed and my dad had to tear me away from it LOL. i bought my first one a year ago but noticed that it didn't flow like the originals and I wasn't happy. So, I went to spencer's and bought a couple lamps cause of how cheep they were and bam didn't get my ooz fix at all cause of the flow. Started searching around and found this site and finnally knew why it wasn't fullfilling me. Now i have a handfull of American lamps and am finnally feeling fullfilled. Since the 90's I have had a passion for the silver streaks and will probably get all of them and a handfull of a couple vintage that cought my eye. other than that, I don't think I am going to go nuts and buy hundreds of lamps. But I could easily go down that path LOL
Sweet! I see you collect other things such as that huge knife! I love swords as long as they are made from italy. I love that Jack Skeleton statue! I am trying to get a Nightmare Before Christmas lava lamp on ebay. I hope I will get it. I will go how ever high it goes to get it because I love that movie and have seen the actual lamp a few years back and have wanted one ever since. It better not go above what I think it is going to go for, but to me it is worth it.
more than 3 is a collection............mandy will paint you a custom nightmare lava lamp...........shes into jack too.....has him painted on her car......
jack skellington on mandys cabriolet............
being a collector is buying 27 lamps at one shot.we were at a local market and mandy came over..and i could tell she found something...........she said bring the bus over to this guys stand we have to pick up some lamps......i said cant we just carry them.she said just bring the bus ......she got a giant and some other lamps 27 total some in boxes...some old..some new.......phil

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