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Hi everyone! You know, I'd like to get your feedback on us adding a video section here. Everyone would be able to upload their own vids or embed cool lava lamp vids from YouTube. What do you think?

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sweet! I love the idea! sure beats making a vid, posting it on youtube, and then giving a link or embeding it. On the plus side one would get better feedback on a lava based site than putting it on youtube. there are a lot of bad mouthed people posting comments on youtube. oh, plus all those spam comments as well. at least here it is a better. I have been thinking of making vids of lamps but didn't want to post them on youtube for those reasons.
oh, another good reason, would be able to see vintage lamps in action, grande lamps in action, and be able to see dozens of other possibilities. do a search on youtube and you get mainstream lamps and a lot of people showing janky ways to make lava lamps lol you only get like 2 grande movies but they are not that good and only show the lamp barely going. I think this is a great idea, I hope that there are more that think so.
agreed. I was thinking about pictures and how you just get one perspective and don't truely see awesome motion of lamps. newbs looking at the pics may not understand full on the differences of vintage, mathmos, and the new china LW lamps. This would give a great demonstration at some of the differences. I would like to see a mathmos in action. I never really have seen one move, just the pics.
Great idea hands down! This would make things alot easier. I'm all for it!
Wow. so that's like 5 "hell-yeahs" against 0 "no-thanks,-I'm-already-confused-enough-by-the-site" votes.
I better get right on it. The only caveat is that the videos will take up a lot of storage space. so after a bit of time, i might have to remove some. Obviously the top viewed will be here to stay. I'm not sure I'll have to do that, but just a warning because I have to pay based on how much storage we use.
completely understand on deleting and storage space. don't want the site to go under because of videos.
Cool. I've been setting it up.
I'll let you know when I got 'er going.

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